ABA 1998 Annual Meeting Preview
12th Annual ABA Burn Prevention Poster Contest to Be Held at the 30th Annual Meeting
The Role of Interstitial Starling Forces in the Pathogenesis of Burn Edema
Cutaneous Nerve Distribution in Adult Rat Hairy Skin after Thermal Injury—An Immunohistochemical Study
In Vitro Analysis of Bromine Chemical Burns with Use of Full-Thickness Human Skin
A Study of Functional Viability and Metabolic Degeneration of Human Skin Stored at 4° C
Management of Massive Calvarial Exposure in Young Children
The Use of Sheet Autografts to Cover Extensive Burns in Patients
Burn Area Color Changes after Superficial Burns in Childhood: Can They Be Predicted?
Local Anesthetics Improve Dermal Perfusion After Burn Injury
Traumatic Urethral Fistula in a Patient with Burns
Trilaminar Skin Coverage Combined with Cultured Epithelial Autografts—A New Technique for Treating the Elderly Patient with Burn Injuries
Pilot Study of a Unique Film Dressing for the Treatment of Donor Site Wounds
Keeping on Track with NATIONAL TRACS®/ABA Burn Registry
A Prospective Analysis of Serum Vitamin K in Severely Burned Pediatric Patients
Are We Making an Impact? A Review of a Burn Prevention Program in Israeli Schools
Profile of an Abused Burned Child