ABA Committee Listing: 2004–2005
Review of Evidenced-Based Practice for the Prevention of Pressure Sores in Burn Patients
Temperature Threshold for Burn Injury: An Oximeter Safety Study
Use of Joshi External Stabilizing System in Postburn Contractures of the Hand and Wrist: A 20-Year Experience
Treatment of Hydrofluoric Acid Burn to the Face by Carotid Artery Infusion of Calcium Gluconate
Methamphetamine-Associated Burn Injuries: A Retrospective Analysis
Firefighter Burn Injuries: A 10-Year Longitudinal Study
A Survey of Airway and Ventilator Management Strategies in North American Pediatric Burn Units
Home Treadmill Friction Injuries: A Five-Year Review
Effectiveness of a Burn Prevention Campaign for Older Adults
Car Radiator Burns: A Prevention Issue
Grease Fryers: A Significant Danger to Children
Milk Bottle Burns