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Burn Centers and Disaster Response
Note from the Editor-In-Chief
Gastrointestinal Fluid Resuscitation of Thermally Injured Patients
Triage Accuracy at a Multiple Casualty Incident Disaster Drill: The Emergency Medical Service, Fire Department of New York City Experience
Terrorist Homicide Bombings: A Primer for Preparation
The Southern Region Burn Disaster Plan
Can Burn Centers Evacuate in Response to Disasters?
Psychiatric Sequelae of Disasters
Evolution of Burn Resuscitation in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Contemplating the Pentagon Attack After Five Years of Space and Time: Unheard Voices From the Ramparts of Our Burn Center
Planning for Burn Disasters: Lessons Learned From One Hundred Years of History
Burn-Injured Patients in a Disaster: September 11th Revisited
Airplane Crash in Guam, August 6, 1997: The Aeromedical Evacuation Response
Management of Conventional Mass Casualty Incidents: Ten Commandments for Hospital Planning
Practice Guidelines for the Management of Pain
Cardiac Molecular Signaling After Burn Trauma
Self-Reports of Anxiety in Burn-Injured Hospitalized Adults During Routine Wound Care
Effect of Transforming Growth Factor-β Neutralization on Survival and Bacterial Clearance in a Murine Model of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Burn Wound Infection
Apoptotic Cells Are Present in Ischemic Zones of Deep Partial-Thickness Burns
Effect of a Fish Oil and Arginine-Fortified Diet in Thermally Injured Patients
Profile of Patients Lost to Follow-Up in the Burn Injury Rehabilitation Model Systems' Longitudinal Database
Mechanical and Infectious Complications of Central Venous Cannulation in Children: Lessons Learned From a 10-Year Experience Placing More Than 1000 Catheters
Pain During Burn Hospitalization Predicts Long-term Outcome
The Presence of Nightmares as a Screening Tool for Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Burn Survivors
Emotional Distress and Psychosocial Resources in Patients Recovering From Severe Burn Injury
Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal Axis Response to Sustained Stress after Major Burn Injury in Children
Septic Hip Presenting With Dislocation as a Source of Occult Infection in a Burn Patient
Successful Treatment of Burn and Visceral Injury Combined with Full-Thickness Loss of the Abdominal Wall After Blast Injury
Gastric Rupture After Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in a Burn Patient
Ketamine May Be the First Choice for Anesthesia in Burn Patients