Note from the Editor-in-Chief
Glutamine Supplementation in Critical Illness: Evidence, Recommendations, and Implications for Clinical Practice in Burn Care
Quality of Life of Young Adults Who Survived Pediatric Burns
Assessing Potential Suicide Risk of Young Adults Burned as Children
Self-Esteem Measurement Before and After Summer Burn Camp in Pediatric Burn Patients
Reliability and Validity of the Dutch Version of the American Burn Association/Shriners Hospital for Children Burn Outcomes Questionnaire (5–18 Years of Age)
End of Life in the Pediatric Burn Patient
Burn Camp: A Positive Experience for Volunteer Counselors
Prophylactic Intravenous Immune Globulin and Polymixin B Decrease the Incidence of Septic Episodes and Hospital Length of Stay in Severely Burned Children
Enteral Resuscitation of Burn Shock Using World Health Organization Oral Rehydration Solution: A Potential Solution for Mass Casualty Care
Safe and Successful Restriction of Transfusion in Burn Patients
Use of Blood Bank Services in a Burn Unit
Massive Hospital Admission of Patients with Respiratory Failure Resulting from Smoke Inhalation Injury: The Cromagnon Republic Tragedy
Factors Affecting Prognosis of Inhalation Injury
Impact of Modification of Burn Center Referral Criteria on Primary Patient Outcome
Results of a Focused Scald-Prevention Program
Quality of Life After Burn Injury: The Impact of Joint Contracture
Management Outcome and Associated Factors in Burn Injuries With and Without Facial Involvement in a Nigerian Population
Burns in Epilepsy: Seven Years of Experience from the Hallym Burn Center in Korea
A Defined Period of Sensitivity of an Experimental Burn Wound to a Second Injury
Topical Treatment of Experimental Hydrofluoric Acid Skin Burns by 2.5% Calcium Gluconate
Accidental Burns During Surgery
Burn Injury Caused by Motor Vehicle Use and Repair
Coronary Stenting During Burn Shock: Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations
Delayed Spinal Cord Injury After High-Voltage Electrical Injury
Misdiagnosis of Burns: Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus
Severe Brain Damage by Current Flow After Electrical Burn Injury
Adult Burn Patients: The Role of Religion in Recovery—Should We Be Doing More?