Innate Lymphocyte Subsets and Their Immunoregulatory Roles in Burn Injury and Sepsis
Patrimonie de Docteur Baux—Baux Scores >>100 Gleaned From 170,791 Admissions: A Glimmer From the National Burn Repository
The Phenomenon of “Fluid Creep” in Acute Burn Resuscitation
Use of High-Frequency Percussive Ventilation in Inhalation Injuries
Comparison of Fibrin Sealant and Staples for Attaching Split-Thickness Autologous Sheet Grafts in Patients With Deep Partial- or Full-Thickness Burn Wounds: A Phase 1/2 Clinical Study
A Silver Impregnated Antimicrobial Dressing Reduces Hospital Length of Stay for Pediatric Patients With Burns
Incidence of Hepatic Dysfunction Is Equivalent in Burn Patients Receiving Oxandrolone and Controls
Intravenous Colistin for the Treatment of Multi-Drug Resistant, Gram-Negative Infection in the Pediatric Burn Population
Impaired Cutaneous Vasodilation and Sweating in Grafted Skin During Whole-Body Heating
Skin Grafting Impairs Postsynaptic Cutaneous Vasodilator and Sweating Responses
Initial Reconstruction of Sustained Neck and Facial Burns
Extended Time to Wound Closure Is Associated With Increased Risk of Heterotopic Ossification of the Elbow
The Effect of Positioning Devices and Pressure Therapy on Outcome After Full-Thickness Burns of the Neck
Determination of Inter-Rater Reliability in Pediatric Burn Scar Assessment Using a Modified Version of the Vancouver Scar Scale
Epidemiology of Hospitalized Burn Patients in Shandong Province: 2001–2005
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Time to School Re-Entry After Burn Injury Is Quite Short
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Effects of Insulin on Hepatic Inflammation Induced by Ethanol and Burn Injury in a Murine Model of Critical Illness
The Microvasculature in Cutaneous Wound Healing in the Female Red Duroc Pig Is Similar to That in Human Hypertrophic Scars and Different From That in the Female Yorkshire Pig
Inhibition of Rho-Kinase Impairs Fibroblast Stress Fiber Formation, Confluence, and Contractility In Vitro
Assessment of Cooling on an Acute Scald Burn Injury in a Porcine Model
Reverse Second Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Flap for Reconstruction of Fourth-Degree Burn Wounds of the Hand
Management of Scalp Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Cranial Osteomyelitis With Serratus Anterior Myocutaneous Pedicle Flap: A Case Report
Burned Breast Reconstruction by Expanded Artificial Dermal Substitute
Carbon Monoxide
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