National Burn Repository 2006: A Ten-Year Review
Growth Rings of a Tree: Progression of Burn Care Charges Abstracted From a Decade of the National Burn Repository
Practice Guidelines for Deep Venous Thrombosis Prophylaxis in Burns
DRG 504: The Effect of 96 Hours of Mechanical Ventilation on Resource Utilization
DRG 272: Does it Provide Adequate Burn Center Reimbursement for the Care of Patients With Stevens–Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis?
The Occurrence and Seasonal Variation of Accelerant-Related Burn Injuries in Central Florida
National Study of Emergency Department Visits for Burn Injuries, 1993 to 2004
Invited Critique: National Study of Emergency Department Visits for Burn Injuries, 1993 to 2004
Computer-Generated Virtual Reality to Control Pain and Anxiety in Pediatric and Adult Burn Patients During Wound Dressing Changes
Wound Closure After Split-Thickness Skin Grafting Is Accelerated With the Use of Continuous Direct Anodal Microcurrent Applied to Silver Nylon Wound Contact Dressings
Abdominal Compartment Syndrome in the Severely Burned Patient
A Silver-Coated Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing Used Postoperatively on Meshed Autografts: A Dressing Comparison Study
Versajet Hydrosurgery Versus Classic Escharectomy for Burn Débridment: A Prospective Randomized Trial
The Impact of Design Variables and Aftercare Regime on the Long-Term Performance of Pressure Garments
Effect of Heparin on Production of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor and Transforming Growth Factor-Beta1 by Human Normal Skin and Hyperplastic Scar Fibroblasts
Hypercalcemia in Patients in the Burn Intensive Care Unit
Changes in Cytokine Levels and CD4+/CD8+ T Cells Ratio in Draining Lymph Node of Burn Wound
A Case of Multiple, Eruptive Pyogenic Granuloma Developed on a Region of the Burned Skin: Can Erythromycin Be a Treatment Option?
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