Note from the Editor-in-Chief
American Burn Association Consensus Conference to Define Sepsis and Infection in Burns
Trinity—From Lab Bench to Bedside to Population—A Glimmer From the National Burn Respiratory
A Systematic Review of Heparin to Treat Burn Injury
The Impact of a Legislative Intervention to Reduce Tap Water Scald Burns in an Urban Community
Healthcare Resource Utilization and Epidemiology of Pediatric Burn-Associated Hospitalizations, United States, 2000
Cement-Related Injuries: Review of a Series, the National Burn Repository, and the Prevailing Literature
Results of an Internet Survey on the Treatment of Partial Thickness Burns, Full Thickness Burns, and Donor Sites
Invited Critique: Results of an Internet Survey on the Treatment of Partial Thickness Burns, Full Thickness Burns, and Donor Sites
Expanded Reverse Abdominoplasty for Reconstruction of Burns in the Epigastric Region and the Inframammary Fold in Female Patients
Risk Factors Associated With Adrenal Insufficiency in Severely Injured Burn Patients
Timing of Central Venous Catheter Exchange and Frequency of Bacteremia in Burn Patients
An Undescribed Scalding, “Çökelek” Burns in Turkish Children: Is Acidic Effect the Reason of High Mortality and Double-Hit Injury?
Morbidity and Mortality of Mucocutaneous Diseases in the Pediatric Population at a Tertiary Care Center
The Influence of Burn Wound Dressings on Laser Doppler Imaging Assessment of a Standardized Cutaneous Injury Model
Downregulation of Immune Signaling Genes in Patients With Large Surface Burn Injury
A Review of Compression Glove Modifications to Enhance Functional Grip: A Case Series
Uniplanar External Fixation for Care of Circumferential Extremity Burn Wounds in Adults
Electrical Burns in Chinese Fishermen Using Graphite Rods Under High-Voltage Cables
Delayed Cervical Spinal Cord Injury After High Voltage Electrical Injury: A Case Report
Hydrofluoric Acid Burn in a Child From a Compressed Air Duster
Severe Multiple Extensive Postburn Contractures: A Simultaneous Approach With Total Scar Tissue Excision and Resurfacing With Dermal Regeneration Template
Necrotizing Colitis Caused by Systemic Aspergillosis in a Burn Patient
Burn Center Treatment of Patients With Severe Anhydrous Ammonia Injury: Case Reports and Literature Review
Burned Breast Reconstruction by Expanded Artificial Dermal Substitute
A Preliminary Report: Evaluation of the Psychiatric Status of Patients who had Undergone Major Amputation Because of High-Voltage Electrical Burns