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All of the King's Soldiers
Perturbed Bone Marrow Monocyte Development Following Burn Injury and Sepsis Promote Hyporesponsive Monocytes
Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Prospective Study of Prevalence, Course, and Predictors in a Sample With Major Burn Injuries
Cutaneous Vasoconstriction during Whole-Body and Local Cooling in Grafted Skin Five to Nine Months Postsurgery
Laser Doppler Imaging of Cutaneous Blood Flow Through Transparent Face Masks: A Necessary Preamble to Computer-Controlled Rapid Prototyping Fabrication With Submillimeter Precision
Improved Markers for Burn Wound Perfusion in the Severely Burned Patient: The Role for Tissue and Gastric Pco2
Assessment of Cardiovascular Regulation After Burns by Nonlinear Analysis of the Electrocardiogram
Development and Evaluation of Silver-Impregnated Amniotic Membrane as an Antimicrobial Burn Dressing
Can Contamination of a Patient's Allograft be Traced Back to the Allograft Donor?
Pediatric Upper Extremity Burns: Outcomes of Emergency Department Triage and Outpatient Management
An Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of an Anti-Inflammatory, Pulmonary Enteral Formula in the Treatment of Pediatric Burn Patients With Respiratory Failure
Bedside Assessment of Swallowing Is Predictive of an Abnormal Barium Swallow Examination
How Long a Shadow Does Epidemic Obesity Cast in the Burn Unit? A Dietitian’s Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Available Data in the National Burn Repository
The Relationship of Body Mass Index and Functional Outcomes in Patients With Acute Burns
Ashes, Embers, and Coals: Significant Sources of Burn-Related Morbidity in Children
Pediatric Soup Scald Burn Injury: Etiology and Prevention
Smoking and Home Oxygen Therapy—A Preventable Public Health Hazard
The Social Milieu of Burn Injury and Recovery: Using “Social Capital” As a Framework for Evaluating Sex Differences
Improved Survival Following Thermal Injury in Adult Patients Treated at a Regional Burn Center
Pseudoephedrine Legislation Decreases Methamphetamine Laboratory-Related Burns
SCORTEN Accurately Predicts Mortality Among Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Patients Treated in a Burn Center
Digital Photography: A Technique to Optimize Reimbursement
Admissions Across State Lines: Harnessing the Insight of the National Burn Repository for the Healthcare Accessibility, Fiscal, and Legislative Concerns Facing the American Burn Association
Burn Disaster Response Planning: An Urban Region’s Approach
Invited Critique: Bridging the Gap Between Disaster Plan and Execution
Epistatic Interactions are Critical to Gene-Association Studies: PAI-1 and Risk for Mortality After Burn Injury
Microalbuminuria in Acute Burn Injury
The Parkland Formula Under Fire: Is the Criticism Justified?
Safety and Efficacy of an Intensive Insulin Protocol in a Burn-Trauma Intensive Care Unit
Use of Inhaled Heparin/N-acetylcystine in Inhalation Injury: Does it help?
Fournier’s Gangrene: Management at a Regional Burn Center
“Roll-Bar” for Protective Posture Splint Limits Potential Trauma to Dorsal Hand Grafts
Analysis of Admissions and Outcomes in Verified and Nonverified Burn Centers
Positive Fungal Cultures in Burn Patients: A Multicenter Review
Learner Satisfaction With Web-Based Learning as an Adjunct to Clinical Experience in Burn Surgery
Acute Renal Failure in Intensive Care Burn Patients (ARF in Burn Patients)
A Randomized, Controlled Prospective Trial of Zolpidem and Haloperidol for Use as Sleeping Agents in Pediatric Burn Patients
The Evolution of Burn Care Facilities in the United States
American Burn Association Practice Guidelines Burn Shock Resuscitation
From Qualitative Contemplation to Relational Database: One Approach to Harnessing the National Burn Repository
Treatment Strategies in Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Syndrome: Where Are We At?