Extra-Articular Soft-Tissue Calcification After Burn Injury: A Case Study

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Soft-tissue calcifications after burn injury commonly develop in periarticular regions, especially in the elbow joint. They can be easily recognized in patients because calcification in the joint limits range of motion and brings about tingling sensation due to compression of ulnar nerve. However, the incidence of extra-articular soft-tissue calcification after burn injury has rarely been reported. We present a patient with massive soft-tissue calcification in extra-articular burn scar with nonhealing ulcer after a long latency period of 40 years. We recommended wide excision and skin grafting, for prevention of recalcification and recurrence of ulceration, which could transform into a malignant case, if left untreated. Furthermore, we propose that such patients with burn injury should undergo follow-up in outpatient clinic and x-ray evaluation.

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