Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial to Assess an e-Learning on Acute Burns Management

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An e-learning tutorial was developed to cover the basic aspects of acute burns management. The aim of this study was to provide objective educational evidence supporting the role of an e-learning on acute burns management (“basic burns management” or BBM) when compared with traditional methods when introduced in different medical school settings around the world. A multicenter randomized controlled trial was conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Plymouth, and University of London comparing the learning experience of medical students with the BBM e-learning tool (intervention) and a traditional lecture (control). A group of medical students was randomly allocated to the e-learning or lecture arms. Both groups were subjected to a 10-question pre-intervention and post-intervention tests assessing burns knowledge, and were asked to fill out a satisfaction survey. A total of 79 medical students of varying years of study participated. As a whole, students demonstrated a significant gain in knowledge after intervention (overall = 47.6%, P < .001), regardless of medical school year of study or interest in surgery. Participants undertaking the BBM e-learning had a greater exam score improvement and satisfaction compared with the traditional lecture even though they were not statistically significant. BBM e-learning is a free tool that provides comparable acute burn care learning opportunity and satisfaction outcomes to a traditional lecture, allowing convenient and standardized incorporation of burns teaching within an educational setting, regardless of geographical location, level of experience, or interest in surgery.

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