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The times they are a‐changin’
Cachexia in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Pharmacological treatments for fatigue associated with palliative care
Cachexia‐associated adipose tissue morphological rearrangement in gastrointestinal cancer patients
A multifactorial anti‐cachectic approach for cancer cachexia in a rat model undergoing chemotherapy
Evaluation of C‐terminal Agrin Fragment as a marker of muscle wasting in patients after acute stroke during early rehabilitation
Conversion of leucine to β‐hydroxy‐β‐methylbutyrate by α‐keto isocaproate dioxygenase is required for a potent stimulation of protein synthesis in L6 rat myotubes
The melanocortin receptor type 3 agonist D‐Trp(8)‐γMSH decreases inflammation and muscle wasting in arthritic rats
Unlocking the wasting enigma
Pre‐operative psoas muscle mass and post‐operative gait speed following total hip arthroplasty for osteoarthritis
Concurrent depletion of skeletal muscle, fat, and left ventricular mass in patients with cirrhosis of the liver
Searching for a relevant definition of sarcopenia
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