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Nutrition in cachexia : from bench to bedside
Diet composition as a source of variation in experimental animal models of cancer cachexia
Sarcopenic obesity and myosteatosis are associated with higher mortality in patients with cirrhosis
Prevalence of sarcopenia among community‐dwelling elderly of a medium‐sized South American city : results of the COMO VAI? study
Association of estimated glomerular filtration rate with all‐cause and cardiovascular mortality : the role of malnutrition–inflammation–cachexia syndrome
Muscle wasting and adipose tissue browning in infantile nephropathic cystinosis
Muscle RING‐finger 2 and 3 maintain striated‐muscle structure and function
Degenerin channel activation causes caspase‐mediated protein degradation and mitochondrial dysfunction in adult C. elegans muscle
White adipose tissue cells and the progression of cachexia : inflammatory pathways
p62/SQSTM1 but not LC3 is accumulated in sarcopenic muscle of mice
Diabetic mice exhibited a peculiar alteration in body composition with exaggerated ectopic fat deposition after muscle injury due to anomalous cell differentiation
Salidroside alleviates cachexia symptoms in mouse models of cancer cachexia via activating mTOR signalling
The concept that focuses on oral motor and feeding function in cancer patients with muscle wasting : Skeletal muscle mass is associated with severe dysphagia in cancer patients
Growth differentiation factor‐15 as a prognostic biomarker in cancer patients