Successful Use of Blunt Microdissection Catheter in a Chronic Total Occlusion of a Celiomesenteric Artery

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Chronic mesenteric ischemia is often a disabling condition associated with intestinal angina, weight loss, and sitophobia (a morbid aversion of food). Significant stenosis of two of the three main arteries of the gut is usually required to produce symptoms. Surgical therapy has included reimplantation and bypass grafting, usually with synthetic conduits and occasionally endarterectomy. Newer techniques have made endovascular treatment an emerging modality in managing some of the difficult lesions in the mesenteric circulation that cause chronic mesenteric ischemia. We describe the first reported case of blunt microdissection using a Frontrunner XP® CTO Catheter (Lumend, Redwood City, CA) to successfully cross, subsequently wire and stent a four-year-old chronic total occlusions in a celiac trunk, which also gave origin to the superior mesenteric artery.

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