Forty-three-Year Follow-up of Salvage Knee Reconstruction Using the Patella to Replace Lost Tibial Articular Surface: A Case Report

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A 19-year-old soldier presented with sudden onset of left knee pain and giving-way while running. Evaluation showed a pathologic fracture through a radiolucent lesion of the tibial metaphysis. Excision of a giant cell tumor of bone entailed removal of much of the lateral tibial articular surface. The joint surface was replaced by transposition of the patella, which was transfixed in position with an ASIF (Association for the Study of Internal Fixation) condylar blade plate. This technique resulted in satisfactory knee function that has persisted for 43 years.


When excision of a tumor of the tibia results in removal of a substantial portion of the articular surface, the defect can be replaced by transposition of the patella to provide long-lasting satisfactory knee function.

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