Use of the S3 Corridor for Iliosacral Fixation in a Dysmorphic Sacrum: A Case Report

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Case:The S1 and S2 corridors are the typical osseous pathways for iliosacral screw fixation of posterior pelvic ring fractures. In dysmorphic sacra, the S1 screw trajectory is often different from that in normal sacra. We present a case of iliosacral screw placement in the third sacral segment for fixation of a complex lateral compression type-3 pelvic fracture in a patient with a dysmorphic sacrum.Conclusion:In patients with dysmorphic sacra and unstable posterior pelvic ring fractures or dislocations, the S3 corridor may be a feasible osseous fixation pathway that can be used in a manner equivalent to the S2 corridor in a normal sacrum.

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