Intra-Articular Patellar Dislocation: A Technique for Closed ReductionA Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Case:An 87-year-old man fell onto a flexed knee and sustained a closed intra-articular patellar dislocation. A closed reduction was performed under intravenous sedation by flexing the knee to 90°, applying an anterior drawer force to the tibia, and applying pressure to the inferior pole of the patella. The day after reduction, weight-bearing was begun in a hinged brace set at 0° to 90°. Full function was regained by 6 weeks postreduction.Conclusion:Intra-articular patellar dislocation may present as an unusual cause of a locked knee. Our experience confirms that it can be managed successfully with closed reduction under light sedation in an emergency department.

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