Surgical Correction of Severe Kyphoscoliosis Associated with Crouzon Syndrome with Serious Postoperative Respiratory Problems: A Case Report

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Case:A 12-year-old girl with Crouzon syndrome presented to our hospital with scoliosis (114°) and kyphosis from T8 to T12 (138°). After she had been in halo-gravity traction for 2 weeks, we performed posterior correction and fusion surgery from T3 to L3, with a posterior vertebral column resection of T10. She experienced postoperative respiratory failure and remained on a ventilator for 4 weeks. With rehabilitation, the respiratory function had recovered by postoperative week 8. At the 2-year follow-up, there was no loss of correction or any other complication.Conclusion:Serious perioperative respiratory complications may occur when a patient with Crouzon syndrome is treated surgically.

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