Massive Traumatic Skin Defect Successfully Treated with Autologous, Bilayered, Tissue-Engineered MyDerm Skin Substitute: A Case Report

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A 22-year-old man sustained a laceration that measured 180 cm2, after debridement, over the anterolateral aspect of the right leg following a road traffic accident. The wound was treated with MyDerm (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), a cell-based, bilayered, bioengineered dermal substitute that contains no animal-derived components and is fully autologous. For its construction, only a small area of skin was harvested from the left groin, which was closed primarily with absorbable sutures.


MyDerm is an alternative option for the treatment of a massive skin defect in patients who desire removal of only a negligible amount of skin from the donor site and when use of an autograft is insufficient.

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