Two main clinicopathological subtypes: NLPD and DH

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IN THE GROUP OF NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMAS, in spite of the multiple classifications existing, there are two main histological subtypes with a clear-cut clinicopathological Personality: nodular lymphocytic poorly differentiated (NLPD) and diffuse histiocytic (DH). NLPD affects older patients and presents at the time of diagnosis as a widespread disseminated disease. The majority of patients have bone marrow involvement, thus making unnecessary a staging laparotomy in most of the cases. DH affects a younger population, is localized in about half the patients, and shows a low percentage of bone marrow involvement at the time of diagnosis. Following these two major subtypes, the other minor subtypes may be related to one or the other: nodular mixed histiocytic-lymphocytic (NM) is more related to NLPD and DLPD and nodular histiocytic (NH) to DH.

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