Changes of choroidal thickness, intraocular pressure and other optical coherence tomographic parameters after haemodialysis

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The aim was to evaluate changes in choroidal thickness, intraocular pressure (IOP) and other parameters of optical coherence tomography, such as central foveal thickness (CFT), macular volume, peripapillary retinal nerve fibre layer (RNFL) thickness after haemodialysis (HD).


Thirty-four eyes of 34 chronic renal failure patients (9 eyes with diabetic patients) who underwent haemodialysis in the Dialysis Unit of Gangneung Asan Hospital were included. CFT, macular volume, peripapillary RNFL and choroidal thickness were measured before and after haemodialysis by optical coherence tomography (OCT, Spectralis; Heidelberg Engineering). Changes in the IOP were evaluated with Goldmann applanation tonometry before and after haemodialysis.


The average choroidal thickness decreased significantly, from 233.1 ± 77.5 μm to 219.1 ± 76.8 μm (paired t-test, p < 0.001). This change correlated with the amount of body weight lost (Pearson's correlation coefficient = 0.348, p = 0.044). The mean IOP decreased from 15.1 ± 2.6 mmHg to 13.9 ± 2.2 mmHg after haemodialysis (paired t-test, p = 0.03). The change in macular volume and the small decrease in CFT (214.0 ± 21.0 μm to 213.8 ± 21.8 μm) were not significant. The measured overall change in RNFL thickness from 93.6 ± 15.5 μm to 94.7 ± 14.6 μm was not significant.


Haemodialysis can affect various ocular parameters, particularly choroidal thickness and IOP.

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