Continuing Professional Development : Evidence-Based Radiology Problems
Continuing Professional Development : Self-Assessment Program
Spiral computed tomographic pulmonary angiography for investigating suspected pulmonary embolism: clinical outcomes
Effects of powdered versus liquid barium on the viscosity of fluids used in modified swallow studies
Training module to teach ultrasound-guided breast biopsy skills to residents improves accuracy
Pelvic actinomycosis associated with intrauterine device use: case report
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Shoulder magnetic resonance arthrography in the sagittal oblique plane: pictorial essay
Telangiectatic osteosarcoma of the clavicle: case report
Magnetic resonance imaging of intramedullary meningioma of the spinal cord: case report and review of the literature
Computed tomography-guided transgluteal prostate biopsy using a coaxial needle system: technical note
Use of computed tomographic scanning and embolization to improve the nonoperative management of splenic trauma: critically appraised topic
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Case of the month #91
Case of the month #92
Answer to case of the month #89 : Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis as a presentation of SAPHO syndrome
Réponse du cas du mois no 90 : Pneumocéphalie compliquant un ostéome ethmoïdal