Dem bones, dem bones
Introducing our guest editors
Paleoradiology: current status and future challenges
Continuing Professional Development : Self-Assessment Program Paleoradiology: September 2004 — August 2005
History of paleoradiology: early published literature, 1896–1921
Did Ramesses II really have ankylosing spondylitis? A reappraisal
Diagnostic paleoradiology of mummified tissue: interpretation and pitfalls
Paleoradiology in mummy studies: the Sulman Mummy Project
Multislice computed tomography of two 2000-year-old skeletons in a soil matrix from Angkor, Cambodia
Micro–computed tomography of a 500-year-old tooth: technical note
Field paleoradiography of skeletal material from the Early Classic Period of Copan, Honduras
The application of radiography to field studies in physical anthropology
Dental paleoradiology: applications in paleoanthropology and paleopathology
Three-dimensional computer imaging of hominid fossils: a new step in human evolution studies
Three-dimensional digital imaging of the partial Australopithecus africanus endocranium MLD 37/38