Attachment Theory and Developmental Psychology : Canadian Contributions and Introduction to the Special Issue
Intergenerational Pathways From Reflective Functioning to Infant Attachment Through Parenting
The Developmental Course of Unresolved/Disorganized States of Mind in a Sample of Adolescents Transitioning Into Parenthood
Adverse Childhood Experiences, Poverty, and Parenting Stress
The Role of Identity Development in Moderating Stress and Promoting Dyadic Sensitivity in Adolescent Mothers
Parental Disavowal of Relationship Difficulties Fosters the Development of Insecure Attachment
The Discrepancy Between Sensitivity Beliefs and Sensitive Parenting Behaviors of Ethnic Majority and Ethnic Minority Mothers
Attachment With Mother and Adolescents’ Conflict With Romantic Partner or Close Friend
A Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count Analysis of the Adult Attachment Interview in Two Large Corpora