Reading and Language Processing : An Introduction
Lecture et traitement du langage : introduction
Reading Aloud : Evidence for the Use of a Whole Word Nonsemantic Pathway
What Eye Fixations Tell Us About Phonological Recoding During Reading
The Use of Information Below Fixation in Reading and in Visual Search
Eye Movement Control During Reading : Fixation Measures Reflect Foveal but Not Parafoveal Processing Difficulty
Thematic Roles in Sentence Parsing
Reading Processes During Syntactic Analysis and Reanalysis
Context Effects in Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution : Discourse and Semantic Influences in Parsing Reduced Relative Clauses
The Intensity Dimension of Thought : Pupillometric Indices of Sentence Processing
Causal Bridging Inferences : Validating Consistent and Inconsistent Sequences
Writing Quality, Reading Skills, and Domain Knowledge as Factors in Text Comprehension
Effects of Sentence Form on the Construction of Mental Plans from Procedural Discourse
Transfer of Fluency Across Repetitions and Across Texts
Episodically Enhanced Comprehension Fluency