Suffix Delay and the Terminal and Preterminal Suffix Effects
Observing and Imitating the Formation of Object Classes During the Second Year of Life
Sensibilité et diagnosticité de la mesure de la charge mentale par la tâche secondaire de frappe cadencée
Gender Differences in Horizontally and Verticality Representation in Relation to Initial Position of the Stimuli
Rank Transformations and the Power of the Student t Test and Welch t' Test for Non-Normal Populations With Unequal Variances
Attentional Effects on Necker Cube Adaptation
A Model for Conceptual Processing of Naturalistic Scenes
Asymmetries in the Preparation and Control of Manual Aiming Movements
End-Point Accuracy of Kinesthetically and Visually Based Corrections to a Mechanically Perturbed Aiming Movement
Bilingualism, multiculturalism, and second language learning : The McGill conference in honour of Wallace E. Lambert