Implicit Memory Research in 1996 : Introductory Remarks
Recherches sur la mémoire implicite en 1996 : Introduction
Contributions of Processing Fluency to Repetition Effects in Masked Word Identification
Visual Specificity Effects on Word Stem Completion : Beyond Transfer Appropriate Processing?
The Effect of Imagery on Explicit and Implicit Tests of Memory in Young and Old People : A Double Dissociation
Functional Mapping of Human Memory Using PET : Comparisons of Conceptual and Perceptual Tasks
Exact and Conceptual Repetition Dissociate Conceptual Memory Tests : Problems for Transfer Appropriate Processing Theory
Integration of Orthographic, Conceptual, and Episodic Information on Implicit and Explicit Tests
Object Orientation Information in Semantic And Episodic Memory
Effects of Task Demands on Implicit Memory for Object-Location Associations
How Level of Processing Really Influences Awareness in Recognition Memory
Conceptual Automaticity in Recognition Memory : Levels-of-processing Effects on Familiarity
When is a Direct Test of Memory More Sensitive Than an Indirect Test?
Basics May 4–5, 1996