Special Edition in Cognitive Neuroscience: Preface
Numéro spécial sur la neuroscience cognitive: Préface
Section 1: Perception and Action
Section 1: Perception et action
Sensorimotor Prediction and Memory in Object Manipulation
The Role of Vision in the On-line Correction of Illusion Effects on Action
Visual Awareness and the On-line Modification of Action
Manipulating and Recognizing Virtual Objects: Where the Action Is
Section 2: Multisensory Integration
Section 2: In;tégration multisensorielle
The Influence of Stimulus Properties on Multisensory Processing in the Awake Primate Superior Colliculus
Failure to Remap Visuotactile Space Across the Midline in the Split-Brain
Electrophysiological Evidence for the “Missing Link” in Crossmodal Attention
Section 3: Memory and Higher-Order Cognition
Section 3: Mémoire et cognition de haut niveau
Dissociating the Neural Correlates of Item and Context Memory: An ERP Study of Face Recognition
Brain Activations Associated with Shifts in Response Criterion on a Recognition Test
Is the Donut in Front of the Car? An Electrophysiological Study Examining Spatial Reference Frame Processing
Do Chimpanzees Seek Explanations? Preliminary Comparative Investigations