Judgments of Synchrony Between Auditory and Moving or Still Visual Stimuli
On the Uniqueness of Attentional Capture by Uninformative Gaze Cues : Facilitation Interacts With the Simon Effect and is Rarely Followed by IOR
Familiarization Effects for Bilingual Letter Detection Involving Translation or Exact Text Repetition
L'influence de la taille typique des objets dans une tâche de catégorisation
Homophone Effects in Visual Word Recognition Depend on Homophone Type and Task Demands
Behavioural Phenotyping of Transgenic Mice
Insights into semantic decision making : A connectionist attractor network approach
Hippocampal cell proliferation is differentially upregulated by different forms of estrogen
Effect of SB-277011A, a selective dopamine D3 receptor antagonist, on expression of conditioned fear in rats
Neither lithium carbonate nor sodium fluoride alter enrichment effects in Wistar rats
Methodological advances in the process of inducing maternal behaviour in virgin female rats
Break(point)ing the fourth wall
Interval timing by bumblebees
Alexithymia, dissociation, and social desirability : Investigating individual differences in the narrative content of false allegations of trauma
Conditioned emotional responses and implementation intentions : The aversive effects of simple plans
Mood, autobiographical memory, and verbal learning
The problems of the temporal order judgment method
Confidence judgments are subject to numeric distance and anchoring effects
Two mechanisms underlying inhibition of return
Disruption of regulated AMPA receptor endocytosis has protective effects against sensitized behavioural responses to repeated amphetamine
Age differences in the effect of phonotactic probability and neighbourhood density in spoken word recognition
Mining the ORE
When is dominance attractive?
The relationship between naming reaction time and functional MRI parameters in Broca's area and evidence for an independent dual-route model of reading behaviour and neurophysiology
Visual preferences for ripening fruits and vegetables in pregnant women
Using artificial neural networks to simulate the reorientation task
How physicians think about managing patients
Renewal of amphetamine-seeking behaviour induced by contextual cues : Sex differences?
Familiarity and reach trajectory
The influence of processing matches and mismatches on explicit recognition memory
Skills underlying inversion shortcut use : The role of analogical reasoning and working memory
Colour SNARC
Decreased neurogenesis in a mouse model of Fragile X syndrome
What would you do with it? The role of the premotor, motor, and somatosensory cortices in semantic processing
Diagnostic features for uppercase and lowercase letter identification
False activation in the brain ventricles related to taskcorrelated breathing in fMRI speech and motor paradigms
The consequences of forgetting in a directed forgetting task
Asymmetries in infants' ability to notice mispronunciations
Changing the size of attentional focus : Implications for theories of selective attention
A single representational system is implicated in identity and expression recognition : Evidence from an acquired case of prosopagnosia
Spatial memory in domestic dogs : Encoding of multiple cues for finding disappearing objects
Can the attentional spotlight really be split into eight sub-beams?
The role of asymmetry in face discrimination
Older people do not remember irrelevant information better : Evidence against inhibition failure in aging
Effect of partial reinforcement on acquisition and retention in delayed matching with pigeons
Anatomical consequences of early damage across the lifespan
Object updating influences the perceptual asynchrony illusion
Posttraumatic stress in spouses of trauma victims
Low-level and high-level maximum motion displacement : Evidence from functional magnetic resonance imaging
Evaluating the long-term rewards of ethanol after early exposure
Similarity in memory for where and when : Killing two birds with one stone
The effect of attribute relevance on implicit and explicit memory for faces : Further evidence of a dissociation
The dual life of spatial memory traces : Easily retrieved and easily disturbed
Tests of constrained retrieval in recognition memory
Pseudohomophone processing in the lexical decision task
Navigation abilities in Fragile-X syndrome : Evidence for pronounced visuospatial integration deficits
Prenatal testosterone exposure and recognition of emotional expressions in adults
The role of prime distractor fluency in negative priming effects
Interruptions in timing : Using the ex-Gaussian function to characterize the effect of break location
Neural plasticity in Caenorhabditis elegans during the Dauer developmental stage
The effect of the starting position in a two-choice progressive elimination task in dogs
What the heck is going on when you add a covariate to a repeated measures design in SPSS?
An ex-Gaussian analysis of mental rotation response times
Effects of ethanol on development of C elegans
The influence of sensorimotor information on semantic feedback and semantic processing
Can switching between tasks enhance the SNARC effect?
Do delayed CS-US relationships support timed CRs under negative contingencies?
Flourishing : Frequency and achievement-related correlates of students' mental health
Ironic effects of trait level working memory, cognitive load, and math
Belief bias across two domains of reasoning
Local enhancement of cannabinoid CB1 receptor activity in the hippocampus has antidepressant-like effects in the forced swim test
Perceptual-motor dissociation in the auditory domain : Tempo perception versus locomotor synchronization
A method for combined fluorescence in situ hybridization and immunocytochemistry
KCI treatment increases eIF4E mRNAs in the dendrites of cultured hippocampal neurons
Antagonism of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor accelerates the consummatory phase of sexual behaviour
A role for concentrating in producing directed forgetting
Proportion-modulated masked priming of fixed and free choices
Electrophysiology of other-race face recognition
A novel model of episodic memory in the rat
Oblivious but able : Participants' sensitivity to the influence of familiarity but not its diagnosticity in old/new recognition decisions
The impact of shared neighbours in masked form priming
Tactile motion aftereffect
Can response selection and task-set reconfiguration be carried out in parallel?
Contextual influences on addressed and assembled phonological processes
Non-strategic contributions to putatively strategic effects in selective attention tasks : Proportion compatible manipulations reconsidered
Role of 5-HT6 receptors in hippocampal bidirectional synaptic plasticity
Mathematical inversion : Conceptual, procedural, and factual knowledge part II
Effects of the Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, EGb761, on anxiety and adult neurogenesis
A response threshold account of response prediction in contingency learning : Why the “Proportion Congruence” effect has nothing to do with congruence
The dynamics of retrieval from a hierarchical control structure
Category structure in the category-order effect
The involvement of working memory in confidence processing
Quietly does it : Eye fixations of expert athletes
How expertise affects embodied cognition
The influence of relevance on the incidental encoding of colour : Evidence from implicit and explicit memory
Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy attention : Evidence from an ‘emotional-blink’ task
Individual differences in deductive reasoning : Is smarter always better?
Characterization of cognitive deficits related to slow neuronal death in the hippocampus : Potential for neurogenic treatment and restoration of function
The role of attention and executive functioning in traumatic brain injury (TBI) drivers' reactions to simulated road challenges
Effects of task switching on processing of number features
The role of high spatial frequencies on human navigation
When thinking more can lead to the “feeling of knowing” less
The melody is in the words : The effect of simultaneous linguistic and musical information on infant perception for music and language
Effects of human chorionic gonadotropin on cognition and anxiety
A test of inhibitory versus interference accounts of retrieval-induced forgetting
“I won't forget : ”Exploration of the change from cued episodic memory to prospective memory in children
The involvement of motor representations in conceptual operations
Strain and housing conditions affect expression of defensive behaviours in adult male rats
Timeand spatial-scale-dependent face perception
The relative impact of misapplied size constancy and conflicting cues on the perception of Muller-Lyer figures
Rapid modulation of task switch costs based on probe location
Spatial, rather than non-spatial cues, support memory retrieval in a discrimination reversal learning problem
Examination of traumatic brain injured drivers' behavioural reactions to simulated complex roadway events
Influence of shyness and sociability on categorization of facial expressions of emotion
Early speech perception facilitates lexical acquisition
Merging associative and signal-detection accounts of contingency assessment
Issues of score distribution : Should the randomization test be employed in all psychological investigations?
How wordlike is a word : A familiarity study
Which way do I go? Neural activation in response to feedback processing and decision making in a virtual T-maze
That's just mean : Further characterization of the perceptual averaging operator
Influences on conclusion endorsement : Perspective and belief bias
Intending to remember : Rapid mobilization of attention enhances memory
Psychophysiological rating as indicator of learning performance
Masked response priming is experience dependent at a 45-ms SOA
Visuo-spatial supra-span sequence learning : Mimicking old age performance through dual-task on the Hebb paradigm with younger adults
Memory consolidation during rapid visual presentation : Investigations using indirect and direct memory tests
Dissecting mouse models of human neuro-behavioural disorders : A DSM-IV for the mouse
Striatal plasticity during the acquisition of instrumental responding
Arabic digit naming speed : Effects of number-processing context
2B or not 2B : Questioning NR2 subunit roles in synaptic plasticity
Redundant visual and spatial cues : Which are learned best in a foraging task using rats
Probing the stream : Flexible and robust representations support contingency knowledge in the streamedtrials procedure
Better late than never : Marijuana use and prospective memory
Determining the fate of irrelevant information using the extradimensional shift task
Reversing the other race effect in face recognition : A test of the perceptual expertise hypothesis
Human decision making : Activation of brain regions during associative and sequential processes
Natural statistical judgments of differences in average length
Gender differences in spatial navigation in a virtual water maze : Negation by landmarks
Discrepancy reactions are not necessarily linked with processing fluency
Mind-wandering, awareness, and task performance : An fMRI study
Dynamics of attentional control revealed by beamformers of low-frequency brain waves
Blocking the stream : Cue interaction effects in contingency judgments using the streamed-trial procedure
The neural consequences of semantic richness
Semantic, but not perceptual face learning modifies the N170 and N400 ERP components
Production during study benefits even to-be-forgotten words
Exemplar-based retrieval enables an illusion of category simplicity : Implications for theories of category coherency
An episodic memory approach to associative learning
Observing static and dynamic speech gestures activate the motor system for speech production
Topography of working memory representations within the human prefrontal cortex
Localization of the medial prefrontal cortex using fMRI
Adaptive strategy choice in computational estimation : A role for feedback?
Sequence learning and medial-front cortex : External versus internal error evaluation
Behavioural deficit and functional recovery after granule cell death in hippocampus
Effects of physical affordances on word recognition
System navigation requires spatial attention; text entry requires verbal attention
The “good eye” : Scan patterns of artists engaged in drawing
Sensitivity to isoflurane anaesthesia in ten day old rats : A paradoxical effect?
Modelling cue combination : Can perceived depth be predicted by JNDs?
The fallacy of the independent trials assumption in cognitive tasks
A test of two different revelation effects using forcedchoice recognition
Psychophysical quantification of configural face processing using just noticeable differences
The error-related negativity as a reinforcement learning signal in motor sequence acquisition
The detrimental effects of working memory load on a sustained attention task : The elimination of a cueing effect with distraction
Making a “good” decision : The role of consciousness, complexity, and duration
Isolating event-related potential activity related to attentional control
Hearing the difference : Auditory and Arabic format and performance on basic multiplication and addition problems
What to do about skew? Sometimes it helps to throw out information
Serial-position curves for lures in recognition memory
The fMRI response of the LGN and V1 to red-green, blue-yellow, and achromatic visual stimuli
Predicting memory performance in older adults from perceptual abilities
Modular control of visual exploration in the rat
Visual word recognition : Are the processing dynamics fixed?
A masked priming study of emotion perception in alexithymia
Super Memory Bros : Evaluating a dual-process account linking the mirror effect to the pseudoword effect
Language and instruction dependent SNARC effects in comparative judgment
The ERN and reinforcement learning in a difficult perceptual expertise task
Heuristic effects on confidence and accuracy : An extension of the probability heuristics model of syllogistic reasoning
Fatigue kills : Sleep deprivation and visual attention from a systemic perspective
Visual word recognition : Control over interactive activation
Effects of pretraining on acquisition of novel biconditional and negative patterning discriminations in human predictive learning
Task-set inhibition in chunked task sequences
Prenatal alcohol exposure impairs neurophysiological functioning even for correct responses
Attentional involvement in pop-out visual search : Questioning the preattentive hypothesis
Logic, intuition, and delusions
Do signs and advertisements capture attention on a compensatory tracking task?
Alterations in orienting but not reorienting following prism adaptation in a patient with optic ataxia
Artificial neural networks, songbirds, and perception
Determinants of confidence in deductive reasoning
The development of sensitivity to novel musical scale structure : A comparison between infant and adult perception
Twenty-five years of research on prospective memory
Are smaller age declines on old/new recognition vs free recall tests artifacts of easy memory tests?
Human factors in avalanche avoidance and survival
Pigeons' memory for time : Assessing the role of subjective shortening in a duration comparison task
Transfer of timed excitatory conditioning
Familiar contextual cues bias categorical decision making
Covariation judgments and implicit associations : An investigation into differential susceptibility to information order and expectation in senior and young adults
Of guns and geese : A general review of the ‘weapon focus’ literature
Is a hands-free phone safer than a handheld phone?
Cognitive ethology : A new research approach
Attention in the ANT : Measuring the components of attention with emphasis on the Attention Network Test
Measuring implicit cognitions in clinical and social sciences research : A review of the literature
Cognitive workload affects duration judgments : Metaanalytic evidence
Don't let the bathtub overflow
Remembering duration retrospectively
The intention interference effect
Discovery of ordinal timing
Slow and fast effects of testosterone on brain morphology and male sexual behaviour
Sex differences in CA1 stress-induced long term depression are not affected by prenatal ethanol exposure
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis is altered with maternal experience
Effects of sexual activity on women's testosterone
Interactive dynamics of striato-cortical circuits in reinforcement learning and decision making
Neural mechanisms of time discounting