Human Perception: A Science of Synergy
Mouvement-Émotion : Perception émotionnelle du mouvement élémentaire. Étude sur une population d’enfants d’âge scolaire
Observation and Action Priming in Anticipative Tasks Implying Biological Movements
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Individual Differences in Working Memory, Secondary Memory, and Fluid Intelligence: Evidence From the Levels-of-Processing Span Task
Human Perception: A Science of Synergy
Reasoning and Rationality
Divergent Thinking and the Development of Conditional Response
Converging Patterns between Developmental Trends and Cognitive Abilities
Individual Differences and the Algorithmic and Reflective Minds: The Case of Belief Bias
Intuition, Metacognition, and Analytic Thinking
Symposium: Modulating Visuospatial Attention: Evident from Event-related Potentials
Segregation of Target Representation and Distractor Suppression Through the Manipulation of Distance and Nonsalient Distractors
Efficient Attentional Selection Despite Inefficient Search
Active Suppression of Salient-But-Irrelevant Items Increases Visual Working Memory Capacity
Visual Search Takes Time: Temporal Variability of the N2pc
Individual Differences in Mind Wandering Predict Cognitive Style
Controlled Versus Automatic Parallelism in Dual-Task Performance
Modeling Nonanalytic Similarity Judgments in a Multiple-Trace Framework
Inhibitory Repetition Effects: Opposing Influences of Event Updating and New Event Encoding
Validation During Reading: An Individual Differences Analysis
Reading Aloud: Interactive Activation Reconsidered
The Development of Gender-Differentiated Speech in Adolescence
The Effect of Bilingualism on Lexical Ambiguity Processing in Older Adults
Absolute and Relative Judgments of Similarity Yield Different Fillers in Eyewitness Lineups
Forced-Choice Recognition: Processes and Strategies
Context Effects on Recognition Judgments Are Modulated by the Judgment Options
Metamemory for Emotional Words
A Novel Paradigm Reveals the Role of Reentrant Visual Processes in Object Substitution Masking
Looking for the Key to Inhibition of Return in Everyday Search
A Gaze in the Crowd: Social Attention Is Resilient to Perceptual Load
Is F>R IOR in Item Method Directed Forgetting a Selective Modulation of the Motoric Flavour of IOR?
An fMRI Study of Age-Related Differences in Complex Object Discrimination
Slot Machine Gambling: Can Monetary Losses Make You Play Longer?
Only in Close Range: Modulating Visuospatial Attention Deployment with Stimulus Similarity
How Spatial Multiplexing Solves Information Bottlenecks in Central Nervous Systems
Symposium: Further Examination of Math Cognition in Children
Short-Term Gains in Early Numeracy Skill: Mapping Quantitative to Symbolic Representations
Exploring the Role of Metacognition in Young Children’s Math Development
Can Tablet Computers Facilitate Children’s Understanding of Mathematics
Motivational Characteristic Differences Between Procedural and Conceptual Fraction Learners
Symposium: The Effects of Production on Memory
Evaluating the Basis of the Between-Subject Production Effect
The Benefits and Costs of Production
The Effects of Divided Attention at Encoding
Enhancing the Production Effect in Memory
Symposium: Embodied Cognition
Embodied Comprehension of Sentences
Effects of Emotional, Motor, and Sensory Information in Abstract and Concrete Word Processing
‘How Would YOU Interact with This?’ FMRI BOLD Activation during Overt Semantic Generation to Action-Related Pictures and Words
Tongue Tied: Suppressing Articulation Decreases the Bouba/Kiki Effect
How Similar is Too Similar? Establishing the Upper Bounds of Eyewitness Lineup Similarity
Modulatory Effect of 17-β Estradiol on Performance of Ovariectomized Rats on the Shock-Probe Task
False Recognition of Instruction-Set Lures
Less Is More? The Influence of the Number of Available Features on the Encoding of Geometry in Virtual Environments
A New Test of Object-Recognition Memory for Rats
Prenatal Activation of Orexinergic Neurons
Noninvasive Molecular Imaging Demonstrates Waking-Like Brain States in Bird Embryos
Effects of Maternal Stress and Perinatal Fluoxetine Exposure on Behavioural Outcomes of Adult Offspring
Determinants of External Normalization
Humans Show Relative Rule-Based Encoding of Obtuse Geometric Angles
Gestural Actions Hold and Direct Visual Attention
The Role of Meaning in Colour–Word Contingency Learning
Semantic Priming in Change Detection
Exploring the Role of Context on Episodic Memory Retrieval During Mind Wandering Behaviour
Context in Cognitive Control
Ignorance Is Avoidance: ERP Evidence for Obstacle Suppression during Reach Avoidance
Is the Hand’s Automatic Pilot Sensitive to the Frequency of a Target Jump?
The Effect of Context on Recognition of Objects
Observational Motor Learning as a Function of the Expertise in a Slicing Task
Wall Colour-Geometry Associations in a Kite Box
Parallel Mathematical Descriptions of Spatial Behaviour in Human Infants and Rats
To Cache or Not to Cache: Do Clark’s Nutcrackers Protect Their Caches in Cooperative Contexts?
Not All Effort is Equal: Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Effort-Based Decisions
Symposium: Numerical Cognition: Memory Processes in Mental Arithmetic, Number Comparison, and Ordinality
Retrieval-Induced Forgetting of Arithmetic Facts but Not Rules
Measuring the Working Memory Requirements of Mental Arithmetic
Eye Tracking and Simple Arithmetic: The Influence of Problem Size on Fixation Patterns Across Four Operations
Symbolic and Non-Symbolic Distance Effects in Number Comparison and Ordinality Tasks
Media Multitasking and Failures of Attention
Neuroimaging of Visual Attention in Migraineurs between Headache Attacks
Affective Consequences of Inhibition in Working Memory
The Effects of Target Knowledge on Search for Linearly and Nonlinearly-Separable Targets
The Role of Context in the Simultaneous Learning of Two Complementary Sequences
Sequential Effects in an Attentional Blink (AB) Task
Privileged Loops between Perception and Action: It’s Hard to Sit on Your Hands When Processing Direction
Consumed by the Self: Evidence for Degraded Perceptual Processing During Self-Referential Judgement Tasks
Symposium: Development of Concepts and Categorization
Categorization Across Symbolic Modalities: The Effect of Labeling on Infants’ Inductive Inferences
Inductive Reasoning: Examining 11-Month-Olds’ Abilities
I Brush My Hair With This Spoon: 24-Month-Olds’ Learn Unconventional Labels From Unconventional Actors
Development of the Concept of Antonymy: Evidence for Sudden Insight or Gradual Acquisition?
Strategies and Pseudoneglect on Luminance Judgments: An Eye-Tracking Investigation
Dissociations in Visual Recognition in Children with Developmental Prosopagnosia
What Do Direct Corticoneurons Do?
Do Pre-School Aged Children Expect Unconventional Speakers to Maintain Consistency in Referential Expressions?
Symposium: Neuroimaging Change: Reorganization across Contexts
Providing a Frame for the Construction of Meaning: An Electrophysiological Investigation of Task Effects in Visual Word Recognition
A Hobby Can Alter Your Brain: Neural Correlates of Visual Word Recognition in Competitive Scrabble Players
Individual Variability in Spatial Orientation and Neural Network Topology
Changes in the Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory With Healthy Aging
Why Is Recognition Memory Response Bias Conservative on Paintings?
Forgive and Forget? No, Not Really
Does Assessing Recollection Influence Confidence?
Measuring Individual Differences in Prospective Memory
The Role of Conflict in Memory Formation
A Philosophical Reflection on Mirror Neurons
Memory Biases Drive Decisions from Experience
The Cost of Repeating a Task
Representation of Emotion with Colour is Embodied
Asynchrony and Information Processing in Networks of Spiking Neurons
Representing Shared Action Goals: How Novices Learn to Perform Piano Duets
Reining in the Wandering Mind by Recording the Driver’s EEG: Reversing the Route-Familiarity Effect
Stimulus Onset, Interference, and Laterality Effects in a Word/Emotion Conflict Task
Attentional Set and Laterality Effects in Two Dichotic Sarcasm Tasks
Visual Search Is Postponed During the Period of the AB: An Event-Related Potential Study
Lego People Are People Too: Animacy Effects for Non-Animate Objects in a Change Detection Task
Investigating the Time-Course of the Distractor Devaluation Effect
When the Mind Is Restless, So Too Is the Body
Is Distractor Devaluation the Result of Location-Based Processes?
Upper Visual-Field Distractors Increase Attention to the Left
Interactions Between Remembered Visual Features and Search Performance
Eye Contact Increases Arousal but Staring Contests Don’t
Word Length and Response Modality in Immediate Memory: New Insights on Retrieval Process
A Speed Accuracy Trade-Off Analysis of the Stroop Effect
Chips or Chocolate? Personal Preference Revealed in Reaching
Finger-Counting Habits and Number Processing in Canadian and Chinese University Students
Numerical Sequence Knowledge and Its Relation to Arithmetic Fluency
Influences on Cognitive Advantages in Bilinguals
Exploring Different Levels of Encoding Within the Mixed List Paradox
Cognitive Correlates of Mathematical Ability
The Trail in the Forests? How Grammatical Structure Impacts Perceived Plausibility of English and French Sentence Beginnings
Dissociate the Position Error and Heading Error of Spatial Updating During Physical and Visual Locomotion
The Benefits of Distraction in Value Learning
The Elusive Effect of Cognitive Priming on Object-Location Memory
Disease Specific and Genetic Liability Effects on Cortical Thickness in Schizophrenia
Overt Production of Phonation and Speech: An fMRI Study of the Neural Networks in Children
Infant Vocal Responses to Questions and Declaratives in Maternal Speech
Infants’ Discrimination of Positive Emotional Sounds Across Cultures
Testing the Ecological Validity of Infants’ Speech Stream Segregation
The Relationship Between Rule-Based Category Learning and Executive Functioning in Children and Adults
Teachers’ and Parents’ Math Anxiety Affects Girls’ Math Achievement
Interactive Irony Processing in Middle Childhood
Children’s Processing of Verbal Irony: The Earliest Moments
What Do Children Understand About Disfluencies in Language?
Prospective Memory, Personality, and Individual Differences in Cognition
Intentionally Forgetting Other-Race Faces: Costs and Benefits?
Thanks for the Memory…Failures! The Effect of Priming Memory Fallibility on Memory Failure Interpretations
Order Information Is Differentially Retained in the Production Effect
Generating Better Readers and/or Generators Across Two Study-Test Blocks
The Differential Role of Familiarity in Yes–No and Forced-Choice Recognition
Action Compatibility Effect in Object Memory
The Eye of the Beholder? Discrepancy Reactions and Beauty Judgments
Gender Effects on Memory Failure Judgements
Context Valence Influences Prospective Memory
The Effect of Positive and Negative Feedback on the Revelation Effect
The Elimination Lineup: Does It Improve Identification Accuracy for Adults?
Can Games Be Entertaining and Beneficial? A Look at Whack-a-Mole as a Cognitive Training Tool
Reconsolidation in Context-Activated Object Memory
Language Experience Shapes Cognition: Comparing Memory for Chinese and English Words
Are You Shifting Now? Criterion Shifting in Recognition Memory Can Occur Without Awareness of Strengthening
Behavioural and Synaptic Effects of 17-β Estradiol and Estrogen Receptor Activation in the Perirhinal Cortex
Look at Her, but Not at Him: Gender-Specific Memory Effects Arise from Eye Contact
Crossmodal Memory Processes over Time
Gaming with Benefits: Validation of a New Intervention for Improving Cognition
Let’s Play the Blame Game, Sir: The Effects of Social Hierarchy on the Attribution of Blame for Memory Failures
The Role of Distracter Items on Source Accuracy in Four-Year-Olds
Source and Destination Memory: Two Sides of the Same Coin
The Effect of Distracters on Short- to Long-Term Memory Translation
Is Variety the Spice of Memory? Evaluating the Encoding Variability Hypothesis
Multiple Cue Use and Integration in Pigeons ( Columa livia )
Diethylstilbestrol Exposure in Helisoma trivolvis
The Effects of Time-Out Period Length and Stop Trial Inclusion on Response Time Adjustments of Rats in the Countermanding Task
Responding for Ethanol-Associated Conditioned Reinforcers: A Possible Role for Incentive Salience
Black-and-White Pattern Preferences in Zebrafish
Object Preference Modulation by Central Oxytocin Administration in the Female Rat
Age-Related Changes in Vigilance Behaviour: The Role of Fixed Gaze Durations
Effects of Chronic Prenatal MK-801 Treatment in the Adult Male Rat
CB1 Receptor Knockout Mice Display Barrel Cortex-Dependent Functional Deficits
Towards Developing a Novel Animal Model of Problem Gambling
Corticotropic Releasing Hormone Regulates FAAH Activity and Anandamide Signaling to Initiate the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis
Chronic Fluoxetine Treatment Reverses Behavioural Inflexibility but Not Hypolocomotion Induced by Injury of Medial Frontal Cortex in Mice
Long Lasting Effects of Transient Perinatal Fluoxetine Exposure on Hippocampal Neurogenesis
Evidence for Orthographic Processing in Baboons ( Papio papio )? A Familiarity-Based Simulation
The Automatic Nature of Parallel Response Activation in Dual-Task Performance
Thurstone Word Fluency Test: Scoring, Strategies, and Relationship to Other Measures of Cognition
The Influence of Global Framing on Everyday Timing
Identifying the Sarcastic Facial Expression
Hemispheric Interference, Laterality Effects, and Stimulus Presentation in Adolescent Boys
Do Larger Digits Really Last Longer: How Numerical Context Impacts Perceived Duration
Knowledge of Task Type, but Not Transition Type, Facilitates Proactive Control
Simple Neural Networks and Bayesian Inference: A Computational Account
Giant Steps in Interpreting PDP Networks for Jazz Progressions
Get Out of the Corner: Inhibition and the Effect of Location Type and Number on Perceptron and Human Reorientation
Music is the Sound of Feeling: The Interaction of Song Valence and Personality on Mood
Effects of a Number Game and a Spatial Game on Number Line Estimation
Basic Processes in Reading: The Role of Spatial Attention in Sub-Lexical Processing
The Acquisition of Spatial and Non-Spatial Navigation Strategies in a Dual-Strategy Virtual Morris Water Maze
Effects of Age and Emotional Valence on Item-Directed Forgetting and Source Attribution
Effects of Videogame Playing on Social Cognition
Are All Stereotypes Created Equal? Event-Related Potentials Evoked During Schema Violation
Grammatical and Lexical Aspect Constraints on Imagined Events
Children’s Sensitivity to Phonological Context in Spelling
What Is a Terpsichorean? Word Meaning Facilitates Reading and Spelling
Hemispheric Processing of Congruent/Incongruent Features of Emotional Speech Sounds and Sarcastic Speech
“Survival of the Grouped” or Three’s a Crowd? Repetition Blindness in Groups of Letters and Words
Barking at Emotionally-Laden Words: The Role of Attention
Readers’ Reactions to Translated Narratives
The Multi-Dimensional Nature of Orthographic Knowledge: An ERP Study
Mental Action Verb Processing: An ERP Investigation
Appearance and Reality in Real-Time Referential Processing
Cna Yuo Raed Tihs? Partial Cue Reading and Spelling Ability
Play to Win! Situationally-Induced Motivational State Influences Gambling Behaviour
Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Ratings and Student Learning Are Not Related: Published Meta-Analyses Revisited
How to Increase Your Student Evaluation of Teaching Ratings: Faculty’s Advice
Science and Politics in the United States: Why You Should Be Worried
Meta-Analysis of Meta-Analysis: Do Meta-Analyses Conform to PRISMA and MARS Guidelines
“Mystery” and Environmental Preference
This is Your Brain on Psychology: The Use of Wireless EEG Technology in Teaching Undergraduate Psychology
Wii Should Team Up: The Role of Teammates and Difficulty on Psychological Flow Levels During Video Game Play
From High-School Champ to University Chump
On the Evolution of Handedness: Evidence for Feeding Biases
Does Size Matter? Investigating the Effect of Three Sizes of Touch-Screen Buttons on Typing Performance and Driving Performance
The Effects of Personal Song Meaning, Singer Gender, and Musical Training on Spontaneous Facial and Head Movement While Singing: An Exploratory Investigation
How Research Ethics Boards Are Making It Increasingly Difficult to Conduct Psychological Science: Some Major Issues and Potential Solutions
Mind Wandering and Performance: The Efficiency of Attentional Resource Distribution
Combined Attention: A Novel Way of Conceptualizing the Links between Attention and Behavior
Dual-Task Backward Compatibility Effects Are Episodically Mediated
Stimulus Modality and Attention Sharing in Time Estimation: A Dissociation
Simon Effect in 3D Space
Does Video-Game Playing Improve Spatial Attention?
Do Different Paradigms Assess the Same Underlying Process in Attentional Capture?
The Effect of Spatial Attention on Target Categorization Time: Does Prior Trial History Matter?
Does Self-Reported Attentional Control Predict Performance on Behavioural Measures of Attentional Control? Evidence From the Antisaccade Task
Spatial Attention Biases in Visually-Guided Grasping Amongst Healthy Adults
The Effects of Valid, Invalid, and Neutral Endogenous and Exogenous Cues on Target Localization
Is Attention Biased Toward or Away From Mood-Congruent Stimuli?
Allocation of Attention During Dual Tasks in PTSD Population and Healthy Controls
When Is a Mental Set Needed? A Double Dissociation Between Alphabetic/Logographic Formats and Tasks (Reading Aloud/Parity) as Revealed by Granger Analysis of fMRI Data
Route Preference in Urban Spaces: Evidence for a Common Mechanism
A Word Regularity Effect for Pictures: Evidence from Reaction Time and Response Duration
Effects of Stimulus Type, Testosterone, and Strategy on Sex Differences in Mental Rotation Accuracy
Prenatal Sex Hormone Estimator Correlated With Empathy and Facial Mimicry in Woman
Fire the Lasers! Performing Line Bisection in Extrapersonal Space
Move Your Eyes as Much as You Want! ICA-Based Correction of EEG Contaminated by Eye Movements in a Visuospatial Attention and Memory Task
Robustness of the Bidirectional Associative Memory to Sparse Connectivity
Aerobic Exercise Induced Hippocampal Plasticity in Youth With Major Depression
The Cerebellar Vermis in Bipolar Disorder
Is There a Sex Difference in Reinforcement Learning Through Positive Feedback?
The Acquisition of Orientation Strategies in a Dual Strategy Morris Water Maze: An Eye-Tracking Study
The Influence of Anxiety on Recognition and Memory Confidence
Investigating Sensory and Motor Multisensory Enhancement in Consistent Response Conditions
Facial Expression Identification in Mood Disorders
Impact of Stress on Hippocampus-Mediated Learning and Memory in First-Year Students
Assessment of the Neural Correlates of Social Cognition in Bipolar Disorder
Lateralization of Near-Hand Effects While Judging Graspability
Towards Ecological Validity in Assessing the Genetic Vulnerability of Social Cognitive Impairments in Schizophrenia
Recognition of Anger Facial Expressions in Depression
Characterizing Functional Integrity: Intraindividual Brain Signal Variability Predicts Post-Operative Memory Loss in Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (mTLE)?
The Influence of Trait and State Affect on Phonemic Fluency
Plate Shape and Colour Interact to Influence Taste and Quality Judgments
Can a 15-Minute Online Game Replace Wechsler Test of Intelligence?
Motorcycles Are Not Invisible: A Change-Blindness Study
Motorcyclists’ Lane-Position as a Factor in Right-of-Way Violation Collisions
Attention and the Social Conversation
Effects of Physical Fatigue on Distraction During Visual Search
Native Reading Direction and Assumptions of Lighting Sources
Investigating a Potentially Dangerous Failure of Real-World Colour Perception
Distance and Time Estimation of Video Presented Outdoor Routes Varying in Complexity and Encroachment
To Switch or Not to Switch: Search Strategies in Experience-Based Judgments of Proportion
Hindsight Bias Is Unrelated to Response Time
Reasoned Connections: Evidence for a Dual-Process Theory of Creativity
The Numbers Tell It All: Students Are Not Into Numbers
The Lighter Side of Contempt: Comparing Facial Expressions of Contempt and Sarcasm
The Role of Local and Global Image Statistics in Numerosity Estimation
True Lies: Who Can Learn to Tell?
Rewarding Safe Driving: An Intervention for Driver Tailgating
The Importance of Multisensory Feedback During Driving in Healthy Older Adults
Impact of Instructions in the Judgment of Authenticity of Smiles