The Benefits of Studying by Production . . . and of Studying Production : Introduction to the Special Issue on the Production Effect in Memory
The Production Effect in Recognition Memory : Weakening Strength Can Strengthen Distinctiveness
Familiarity, but not Recollection, Supports the Between-Subject Production Effect in Recognition Memory
Auditory Presentation at Test Does Not Diminish the Production Effect in Recognition
Order Information is Used to Guide Recall of Long Lists : Further Evidence for the Item-Order Account
A Preliminary Investigation Into the Neural Basis of the Production Effect
Production Does Not Improve Memory for Face–Name Associations
A Computational Account of the Production Effect : Still Playing Twenty Questions With Nature
The Production Effect in Long-List Recall : In No Particular Order?
Influence of Retrieval Mode on Effects of Production : Evidence for Costs in Free Recall
Evaluating the Basis of the Between-Group Production Effect in Recognition