Analyzing catch–effort data by means of the Kalman filter
Spatial and temporal variation in littoral-zone fish communities : a new statistical approach
Downstream gradients in bioindicator responses : point source contaminant effects on fish health
Statistical evaluation of turbine bypass efficiency at Wells Dam on the Columbia River, Washington
Interannual variation in discharge controls ecosystem metabolism along a grassland river continuum
Bioaccumulation kinetics and toxicity of lead in (Hyalella azteca) (Crustacea, Amphipoda)
Environmental factors affecting methyl mercury accumulation in zooplankton
Founder effects and genetic population structure of brown trout(Salmo trutta) in a Danish river system
Effects of seismic shooting on local abundance and catch rates of cod ((Gadus morhua) and haddock )(Melanogrammus aeglefinus)
Water clarity in Lake Mendota since 1900 : responses to differing levels of nutrients and herbivory
Distribution and abundance of beluga whales in the Mackenzie estuary, southeast Beaufort Sea, and west Amundsen Gulf during late July 1992
Temporal stability of mtDNA haplotype frequencies in American shad stocks : to pool or not to pool across years?
Effects of zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) on seston levels and sediment deposition in western Lake Erie
Rapid analysis of genetic variation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) by PCR multiplexing of dinucleotide and tetranucleotide microsatellites
Correlation of hepatic biomarkers with whole animal and population–community metrics
Spatial and temporal distributions of microplankton during the summers of 1992–1993 in Barkley Sound, British Columbia, with emphasis on harmful species
Estimating salmon harvest with coded-wire tags
Are changes in enzyme activities of fish muscle during cold acclimation significant?
Introduction to studies on the effects of the (Exxon Valdez) oil spill on early life history stages of Pacific herring, (Clupea pallasi), in Prince William Sound, Alaska
Egg–larval mortality of Pacific herring in Prince William Sound, Alaska, after the Exxon Valdez oil spill
Sublethal effects of the (Exxon Valdez) oil spill on herring embryos and larvae : morphological, cytogenetic, and histopathological assessments, 1989–1991
Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) embryo sensitivity to Prudhoe Bay petroleum hydrocarbons : laboratory evaluation and in situ exposure at oiled and unoiled sites in Prince William Sound
Distribution, abundance, morphological condition, and cytogenetic abnormalities of larval herring in Prince William Sound, Alaska, following the (Exxon Valdez) oil spill
Reproductive success and histopathology of individual Prince William Sound Pacific herring 3 years after the (Exxon Valdez) oil spill
Erratum : The relation between redd counts and Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) parr populations in the Dennys River, Maine
Erratum : Domestication and growth hormone alter antipredator behavior and growth patterns in juvenile brown trout, (Salmo trutta)