Precipitation, snowpack, stream-water ion chemistry, and flux in a northern Michigan watershed, 1982-1991
Osmotic stress, antipredatory behaviour, and mortality of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts
Comparison of commercial fishery and research catch data
Spatial and temporal variation in the genetic composition of a larval cod (Gadus morhua) aggregation
Microsatellite polymorphism and the population structure of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the northwest Atlantic
Grey seal predation on the eastern Scotian Shelf
Variation in the time of spawning of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and its relationship to temperature in the Aberdeenshire Dee, Scotland
Temporal tracking of a strong cohort in the population of a coral reef fish, the coral trout, (Plectropomus leopardus) Serranidae
Effects of elevated summer temperatures and reduced pH on metabolism and growth of juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) on unlimited ration
Phylogeographic origins of lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) in eastern North America
Conservation genetics of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)
Long-term changes in zooplanktivorous fish community composition
Effect of temperature and salinity on development and survival of eggs and free-living larvae of sealworm (Pseudoterranova decipiens)
Consequences of premature return by sea trout (Salmo trutta) infested with the salmon louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis Krøyer)
Stable isotope evidence for dietary overlap between two planktivorous fishes in aquaculture ponds
Multiple effects of planktivorous fish on algae through a pelagic trophic cascade
Distribution and abundance of stomach nematodes (Anisakidae) among grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) and harp seals (Phoca groenlandica) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
Evaluation of gladius dorsal surface structure for age and growth studies of the short-finned squid, (Illex) (illecebrosus)(Teuthoidea
Efficiency of feeding on zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) by common bream (Abramis brama), white bream (Blicca bjoerkna), and roach (Rutilus rutilus)
Dynamics of radiolabelled methylmercury in crayfish (Orconectes virilis)
Modelling the impact of disease-induced mortality in an exploited population
Disease induced by the sea louse ((Lepeophteirus salmonis)) (Copepoda
Evaluation of the biological basis for a predator control program on northern squawfish (Ptychocheilus oregonensis) in the Columbia and Snake rivers