Ecological change in Great Lakes communities — a matter of perspective
Ca2+ handling and oxidative capacity are greatly impaired in swimming muscles of hatchery-reared versus wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
A statistical modeling method for estimating mortality and abundance of spawning salmon from a time series of counts
Behavioral inferences from the statistical distribution of commercial catch
Retention, breakdown, and biological utilisation of deciduous tree leaves in an estuarine tidal flat of southwestern British Columbia, Canada
Phytoplankton species turnover controlled by physical forcing at different time scales
The relative importance of local, lateral, and longitudinal variables on the development of habitat quality models for a river
Dorsal-fin spine growth of Heterodontus portusjacksoni
Water-yield estimates for critical loadings assessment
The response of two remote, temperate lakes to changes in atmospheric mercury deposition, sulfate, and the water cycle
Hierarchical Bayesian modelling with habitat and time covariates for estimating riverine fish population size by successive removal method
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Ransom Aldrich Myers (1952-2007)
Ransom Aldrich Myers (1952-2007)