Management of malignant gliomas during pregnancy: A case series

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Limited data are available on the management of glioma in pregnant women. Therefore, the aim of the current article was to describe the outcome of women with malignant gliomas who were exposed to chemotherapy early in the gestation period of their pregnancies.


The authors presented a case series of 6 women with malignant gliomas who during glioma-directed treatment were discovered to have an unplanned pregnancy. All patients elected to discontinue chemotherapy and carry their pregnancy to term.


All women had uneventful pregnancies with no glioma-related complications. All women delivered healthy newborns without evidence of congenital malformations despite exposure to cytotoxic chemotherapy and anticonvulsant medications.


Management of malignant glioma during pregnancy is challenging; however, normal delivery and healthy live birth is possible. Cancer 2008. © 2008 American Cancer Society.

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