Recent advances and developments in the antitumor effect of the HVJ envelope vector on malignant melanoma: from the bench to clinical application
Grp78 as a therapeutic target for refractory head-neck cancer with CD24- CD44+ stemness phenotype
Meningeal myeloma deposits adversely impact the therapeutic index of an oncolytic VSV
Downregulation of G3BPs inhibits the growth, migration and invasion of human lung carcinoma H1299 cells by suppressing the Src/FAK-associated signaling pathway
Inhibition of Rho-associated coiled-coil-forming kinase increases efficacy of measles virotherapy
Oral contrast enhances the resolution of in-life NIS reporter gene imaging
Intraprostatic distribution and long-term follow-up after AdV-tk immunotherapy as neoadjuvant to surgery in patients with prostate cancer