2009 Research Award
2009 Research Award
Putting Both Patient Need and the Science of Nursing at the Heart of Our Research Agenda
Differences in Symptom Clusters Identified Using Occurrence Rates Versus Symptom Severity Ratings in Patients at the End of Radiation Therapy
Adherence Characteristics After Abnormal Screening Results Between Mammogram and Papanicolaou Test Groups
Construction of Palliative Care Training Contents in China
New Publishing Options Implemented by Cancer Nursing: An International Journal of Cancer Care
Initial Report of a Family Registry of Multiple Myeloma
The Validity and Reliability of Champion's Health Belief Model Scale for Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors Among Iranian Women
Support Needs of Patients With Oral Cancer and Burden to Their Family Caregivers
Factors Associated With Prostate Cancer Patients' and Their Spouses' Satisfaction With a Family-Based Intervention
Keeping Their World Together-Meanings and Actions Created Through Network-Focused Nursing in Teenager and Young Adult Cancer Care
Health-Related Quality of Life in Adults With Hodgkin's Disease
Health-Related Quality of Life in Adults With Hodgkin's Disease
A Pilot Study of an Automated Voice Response System and Nursing Intervention to Monitor Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy Agents