Molecularly targeted therapy for melanoma
Is intraoperative touch imprint cytology of sentinel lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer cost effective?
Serum epidermal growth factor receptor/HER-2 predicts poor survival in patients with metastatic breast cancer
Changes in surgical management resulting from case review at a breast cancer multidisciplinary tumor board
Quality measures for the use of adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation therapy in patients with colorectal cancer
Effects of obesity and height on prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and percentage of free PSA levels among African-American and Caucasian men
Standardization of pelvic lymphadenectomy performed at radical cystectomy
Treatment of patients with metastatic renal cell cancer
Multiinstitutional validation of the UCSF cancer of the prostate risk assessment for prediction of recurrence after radical prostatectomy
Survival of men with clinically localized prostate cancer treated with prostatectomy, brachytherapy, or no definitive treatment
Comparison of mRNA abundance quantified by gene expression profiling and percentage of positive cells using immunophenotyping for diagnostic antigens in acute and chronic leukemias
Routine clinical use of alemtuzumab in patients with heavily pretreated B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Hsp60 and Hsp10 down-regulation predicts bronchial epithelial carcinogenesis in smokers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Silencing the receptor EphA2 suppresses the growth and haptotaxis of malignant mesothelioma cells
Predicting sentinel node status in AJCC stage I/II primary cutaneous melanoma
Cotreatment with a novel phosphoinositide analogue inhibitor and carmustine enhances chemotherapeutic efficacy by attenuating AKT activity in gliomas
Complications of combined modality treatment of primary lower extremity soft-tissue sarcomas
Phase II study of daily oral perifosine in patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma
Prognostic significance of [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose uptake on positron emission tomography in patients with pathologic stage I lung adenocarcinoma
Lanreotide autogel every 6 weeks compared with Lanreotide microparticles every 3 weeks in patients with well differentiated neuroendocrine tumors
Phase I clinical trial of bortezomib in combination with gemcitabine in patients with advanced solid tumors
Random control clinical trial on the effects of aerobic exercise training on erythrocyte levels during radiation treatment for breast cancer
A population-based study of the impact of specific symptoms on quality of life in women with breast cancer 1 year after diagnosis
Significant impact of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma on patients' quality of life
Neoplastic stem cells: A novel therapeutic target in clinical oncology
Primary breast cancer phenotypes associated with propensity for central nervous system metastases
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