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Researchers delve into thyroid cancer disparities in race and age : Incidence of the disease continues to grow, but at a slower rate in some groups
More breast cancer patients could benefit from PARP inhibitors
Wearable medical device improves survival for glioblastoma patients
Clinical trial enrollment of adolescents and young adults with sarcoma
Exploiting DNA damage without repair : The activity of platinum chemotherapy in BRCA‐mutated prostate cancers
Cancer drug wastage : The hidden cost in value‐based cancer care delivery
Understanding temporal trends in medical costs associated with progression to metastatic prostate cancer
Restoring platinum sensitivity in recurrent ovarian cancer by extending the platinum‐free interval : Myth or reality?
The association between complications and quality of life after mastectomy and breast reconstruction for breast cancer
Disparities in abnormal mammogram follow‐up time for Asian women compared with non‐Hispanic white women and between Asian ethnic groups
Concurrent chemoradiotherapy with or without surgery for patients with resectable esophageal cancer : An analysis of the National Cancer Data Base
Outcomes for patients with locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy versus conventionally fractionated radiation
North Central Cancer Treatment Group N0543 (Alliance) : A phase 2 trial of pharmacogenetic‐based dosing of irinotecan, oxaliplatin, and capecitabine as first‐line therapy for patients with advanced small bowel adenocarcinoma
Contribution of patient, physician, and environmental factors to demographic and health variation in colonoscopy follow‐up for abnormal colorectal cancer screening test results
Association between mutations of critical pathway genes and survival outcomes according to the tumor location in colorectal cancer
Concurrent chemotherapy is associated with improved survival in elderly patients with bladder cancer undergoing radiotherapy
The association between germline BRCA2 variants and sensitivity to platinum‐based chemotherapy among men with metastatic prostate cancer
Hepatitis B virus screening and reactivation and management of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma : A large‐scale, big‐data intelligence platform–based analysis from an endemic area
Comprehensive analysis of cutaneous T‐cell lymphoma (CTCL) incidence and mortality in Canada reveals changing trends and geographic clustering for this malignancy
Outcome of autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in refractory multiple myeloma
The role of early magnetic resonance imaging in predicting survival on bevacizumab for recurrent glioblastoma : Results from a prospective clinical trial (CABARET)
The impact of cancer drug wastage on economic evaluations
Impact of subsequent metastases on costs and medical resource use for prostate cancer patients initially diagnosed with localized disease
Palmar‐plantar erythrodysesthesia syndrome following treatment with high‐dose methotrexate or high‐dose cytarabine
Additional cytogenetic abnormalities and variant t(9;22) at the diagnosis of childhood chronic myeloid leukemia : The experience of the International Registry for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Children and Adolescents
Prognostic significance of promoter CpG island methylation of obesity‐related genes in patients with nonmetastatic renal cell carcinoma
Comprehensive genomic profiling of different subtypes of nasopharyngeal carcinoma reveals similarities and differences to guide targeted therapy
Dietary isoflavone intake and all‐cause mortality in breast cancer survivors : The Breast Cancer Family Registry—methodological issues
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