Catalyzing Novel Approaches to Rapid, Accurate, and Affordable Early Cancer Detection

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Inspired by the Cancer Moonshot, a dedicated team of professionals worked with leaders across the cancer ecosystem to look for an opportunity to radically reduce cancer mortality globally by focusing on early cancer detection. After an initial survey of cancer innovation, progress, and pitfalls, the team believed that if new rapid, affordable, and accurate early detection solutions were appropriately brought to market, it would be possible to intervene earlier when cancer is most treatable.An extensive process began, informed by dozens of experts in the cancer ecosystem. The Cancer XPRIZE team designed a prize competition where “the winning team will develop a means to rapidly, accurately, and affordably screen for early cancers where intervention can reduce human suffering.”The following outlines the Cancer XPRIZE's experience using a powerful approach—the radical prize design—to catch more cancers in time to make a difference saving lives, dollars, and suffering.

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