Community visiting nurses training plan: Home dialysis support

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From October 2014 to January 2015, the Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (PDU) at London Health Science Centre (LHSC) had a scarcity of peritoneal dialysis- (PD) trained community visiting nurses working for nursing agencies provided by the Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) in several remote geographical areas serviced by the program. These nurses have become an extension of the PDU by communicating concerns and questions to the PDU staff while providing PD support for patients at home. By October 2014, one town had only two trained nurses to support the launch of an “avalanche” of newly trained patients and their varying degrees of need. To tackle this shortage, the PDU trialed offering community visiting nurse training in the nurses' respective hometowns over a four-month period. The response was excellent with large numbers of nurses being trained during this period. This initiative yielded additional and surprising benefits to patients and their families, and nursing agencies, as well as the LHSC PDU.

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