Platelet Count and Platelet Parameters in Hemoglobin E Carriers

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Hemoglobinopathies are an important inherited disorder with a high prevalence in Thailand. Of several hemoglobinopathies, hemoglobin E (Hb) disorder (beta 26, GAG-AAG, Glu-Lys) is the most common. Coagulation disorders in these patients have also been proposed. Even though thrombotic risks in the patients with hemoglobin disorders from standpoints of platelet dysfunction and coagulation factors are controversial, they are in favor of thrombosis due to thrombocytosis. A study was performed in 57 healthy subjects to evaluate platelet count and platelet parameters in hemoglobin E carriers compared to values in healthy subjects. Classified by standard hemoglobin electrophoresis, there were 46 healthy subjects and 11 hemoglobin E carriers. There are no significant differences in platelet count and platelet parameters between the two groups (p > 0.05). Although there are reports that indicate the change in the quality of platelet in hemoglobin E disorders, no quantitative disorder was detected. There was no trend toward increased platelet count in the HbE carriers.

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