Platelet Counts and Coagulation Tests Prior to Neuraxial Anesthesia in Patients With Preeclampsia: A Retrospective Analysis

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This retrospective, descriptive study aimed to assess hematologic testing practices in 100 patients with preeclampsia undergoing neuraxial blockade (NB). Prior to NB, platelet (PLT) count was performed in 61 (98%) of 62 women in labor and in 37 (97%) of 38 women undergoing cesarean delivery (CD). No patients had a pre-NB PLT count <70 × 109/L. Pre-NB tests for prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) were less common and varied among laboring patients (15 [24%] of 62) and patients prior to CD (18 [47%] of 38). Prior to NB, PT and APTT values were within normal limits in all patients. The time intervals between laboratory testing and NB ranged from <2 to >12 hours. The lack of consistency in pre-NB coagulation testing and the variable time intervals between laboratory tests and NB may be due to a lack of consensus among anesthesiologists for determining “safe” hemostatic conditions for NB placement in patients with preeclampsia.

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