Hypertension and Atherosclerosis
Hemodynamic, Antivasoconstrictor, and Antiatherosclerotic Effects of Calcium Antagonists in Animal Models of Atherosclerosis
Comparative Hemodynamic Studies of Isradipine and Dihydralazine in Atherosclerotic and Normal Rabbits
Multicenter Study with Isradipine and Diuretics Against Atherosclerosis
Interventional Clinical Trials Using Noninvasive Ultrasound End Points
Stroke as a Clinical Problem in Hypertension
Pathophysiology of Stroke
Calcium Antagonists for Reduction of Brain Damage in Stroke
Attenuation of Endothelin-Induced Regional Vasoconstriction by Isradipine
Efficacy and Tolerability of the New Calcium Antagonist Isradipine in Essential Hypertension
Timing of Blood Pressure Measurements in Determining Anomalies in Duration of Effect of an Antihypertensive Drug
Calcium Antagonists as First-Line Antihypertensive Agents
Isotonic and Isometric Responses of Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Mild to Moderate Hypertension with Isradipine and Propranolol
Effect of Isradipine on Left Ventricular Relaxation and Diastolic Filling
Central Hemodynamics and Brachial Artery Compliance During Therapy with Isradipine, a New Calcium Antagonist
Long-Term Lipid Profiles with Isradipine and Hydrochlorothiazide Treatment in Elderly Hypertensive Patients
Platelet Aggregation and Metabolic Control Are Not Affected by Calcium Antagonist Treatment in Type II Diabetes Mellitus