The Endothelin Family: An Overview
Endothelial Cell-Specific Regulation of the Murine Endothelin-1 Gene
Transgenic Models for the Study of Endothelin Function in the Cardiovascular System
Endothelin-1 and the Adrenal Gland
Plasma Endothelin Levels: a Meaningless Number?
Plasma Endothelin Concentrations in Hypertension
Endothelin: Role in Experimental Hypertension
Vascular Effects of Endothelin-1 in Essential Hypertension: Relationship with Cyclooxygenase-Derived Endothelium-Dependent Contracting Factors and Nitric Oxide
Association Between Diastolic Blood Pressure and Variants of the Endothelin-1 and Endothelin-2 Genes
Abnormalities of Endothelial Function in the Pathogenesis of Stroke: The Importance of Endothelin
Endothelin and Pulmonary Hypertension
Endothelin in Atherosclerosis: Importance of Risk Factors and Therapeutic Implications
Endothelin in Cardiovascular Disease: From Atherosclerosis to Heart Failure
Endothelin Receptor Antagonists: Current Status and Perspectives
Endothelin and Endothelin Receptor Antagonism in Heart Failure
Endothelin Antagonists and Renal Protection
Endothelin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors: Current Status and Perspectives
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