KLF6 orchestrates cardiac myocyte-to-fibroblast communication
Platelets and thromboxane receptors
Micro(RNA) management of smooth muscle cell phenotype and response to vascular injury
Keep calm and carry on
Netrin-1 as a novel therapeutic target in cardiovascular disease
Modulation of cardiac fibrosis by Krüppel-like factor 6 through transcriptional control of thrombospondin 4 in cardiomyocytes
Ultrastructure of the intercellular space in adult murine ventricle revealed by quantitative tomographic electron microscopy
Mitochondrial complex I defect and increased fatty acid oxidation enhance protein lysine acetylation in the diabetic heart
Identification and characterization of two ankyrin-B isoforms in mammalian heart
Rip2 modifies VEGF-induced signalling and vascular permeability in myocardial ischaemia
Extracellular component hyaluronic acid and its receptor Hmmr are required for epicardial EMT during heart regeneration
Tolerance to ischaemic injury in remodelled mouse hearts
Thromboxane A2 induces blood flow recovery via platelet adhesion to ischaemic regions
Down-regulation of miR-23b induces phenotypic switching of vascular smooth muscle cells in vitro and in vivo
MicroRNA-1298 is regulated by DNA methylation and affects vascular smooth muscle cell function by targeting connexin 43
The cAMP-producing agonist beraprost inhibits human vascular smooth muscle cell migration via exchange protein directly activated by cAMP
Cross-talk between LOX-1 and PCSK9 in vascular tissues
Cannabidiol causes endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation of human mesenteric arteries via CB1 activation
Aggravated restenosis and atherogenesis in ApoCIII transgenic mice but lack of protection in ApoCIII knockouts
Cystathionine γ-lyase regulates arteriogenesis through NO-dependent monocyte recruitment
Forced fusion of human ventricular scar cells with cardiomyocytes suppresses arrhythmogenicity in a co-culture model
A new KCNQ1 mutation at the S5 segment that impairs its association with KCNE1 is responsible for short QT syndrome
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