Wither or Whither Caries Research?1
Secretory Immunity in Defense against Cariogenic Mutans Streptococci
A Comparison of Increment and Incidence Density Analyses in Evaluating the Anticaries Effects of Two Dentifrices
Effects of Mouth Rinses with Xylitol and Fluoride on Dental Plaque and Saliva
Developments in Caries Diagnosis and Their Relationship to Treatment Decisions and Quality of Care
A Polarized Light and Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of Human Fissure and Lingual Enamel of Unerupted Mandibular Third Molars
A Light Microscopic Study of Odontoblastic and Non-Odontoblastic Cells Involved in Tertiary Dentinogenesis in Well-Defined Cavitated Carious Lesions
In situ Fluoride Retention in Enamel and Dentine after the Use of an Amine Fluoride Dentifrice and Amine Fluoride/Sodium Fluoride Mouthrinse
Dental Fluorosis and Nutritional Status of 6- to 11-Year-Old Children Living in Rural Areas of Paraíba, Brazil
Dental Erosions in Subjects Living on a Raw Food Diet
Enamel Erosion by Some Soft Drinks and Orange Juices Relative to Their pH, Buffering Effect and Contents of Calcium Phosphate
In vitro Fluoride Uptake by Intra-Orally Aged and Contaminated Glass Ionomer Cement
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