In memoriam Prof. Dr. Otto Backer Dirks
Role of Glucose Side Chains with Serotype-Specific Polysaccharide in the Cariogenicity of Streptococcus mutans
Responder and Nonresponder Analysis for a Caries Prevention Program
Effect of School-Based Fluoride Varnish Programmes on Approximal Caries in Adolescents from Different Caries Risk Areas
Clinical Study on the Effect of Professional Cleaning of Occlusal Tooth Surfaces on Laser Fluorescence Measurements
Influence of Professional Cleaning and Drying of Occlusal Surfaces on Laser Fluorescence in vivo
Observations on the Severity of Carious Lesions throughout Five Periods of History
Changes in Dental Caries Experience during the 20th Century in The Netherlands
Caries Prevalence in 8- to 9- and 12- to 13-Year-Old Children in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Caries Experience of Hungarian Adults before Joining the European Union
Plaque and Caries Status of Colombian Patients with Fixed Orthodontic Appliances
Caries Experience among Down's Syndrome Children in Bogotá, Colombia
Oral Health Conditions Survey among 6- to 12-Year-Old Childen Living in the Indigenous Reserve of Cacique Doble, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil
Assessment of the Oral Health Status and Treatment Needs of Institutionalized Children with HIV/AIDS in Uganda
Relationship among Dental Caries, Dental Fluorosis and Quality of Life among Schoolchildren
Risk Factors Associated with Fluorosis in a Low Severity Community
Dental Fluorosis in Children from Bár and Dunaszekcső, Hungary
Fluorosis Prevalence of Maxillary Permanent Incisors by Level of Estimated Fluoride Intake
Developmental Enamel Defects of Deciduous and Permanent Teeth in Children Exposed to Polychlorinated Biphenyls
Relationship between Body Mass Index (BMI) and Dental Caries in Children
Association between Cardiovascular Drug Use and Receipt of Restorations
Community Service and Pediatric Dental Education
Sucrose and Glucose Intake in Japanese Pre-School Children
Caries Lesion Transitions in a Low-Caries Population of Adolescents
Caries Lesion Transitions in Children with Different Metabolic Control of Type I Diabetes mellitus Compared to Non-Diabetics
Diabetes May Be a Risk Factor for Dental Caries
Diabetes mellitus, Toothbrush Abrasion and the Dental Pulp
Onset of Active Caries Lesions in First Permanent Molars
Analysis of QLF and ICDAS Measurements in a Clinical Trial
Two-Year Caries Increments Generated Using Enhanced Visual and Radiographic Detection Methods for Approximal Surfaces
A Randomized Clinical Trial of Caries Management by Risk Assessment
Integrated Care Approach to Targeting Caries Prevention to Pre-School Children
Dental Registration Effects when Targeting Caries Prevention in Pre-School Children
An Oral Health Family Program Developed in Gama Filho University
The Comparative Efficiency of Caries Preventive Methods on Primary Molar Occlusal Surfaces in Children
10-Year Follow-Up of First Permanent Molar Caries Incidence after Intensive Fluoride Application during Eruption Phase
Relationship between the Need for Dental Treatment due to Caries and Anxiety in Adolescents
A New Chairside Test for Detecting Lactate Formation by Oral Bacteria Reflects the Influence of a Plaque-Inhibiting Rinse
Use of TMR in an in situ Study to Measure the Effect of a Fluoridated Dentifrice
Using QLF to Evaluate the Effect of a Fluoride Dentifrice in an in situ Trial
Influence of Examiner's Clinical Experience in Detecting Occlusal Caries Lesions in Primary Teeth in vitro
Infra-Red Laser Fluorescence Values of Pits in Clinically Sound First Permanent Molars with Age
Clinical Calibration by Five Examiners Using ICDAS on Occlusal Surfaces, Buccal Pits and Lingual Grooves
The Validity of a Classification System for Clinical Activity Assessment of Primary Coronal Caries Lesions
A Theoretical Evaluation of Efficacy of Combining Examinations for Occlusal Caries Detection in vitro
Agreement in Approximal Caries Diagnosis between Different Digital Radiography Systems
An X-Ray Microtomographic Study of SnF2 and YbCl3 Uptake and Retention in Approximal Caries Lesions
Caries and Dental Fluorosis Diagnosis Using QLF and Visual Examinations
A New Algorithm for Reconstruction of Sound Enamel Fluorescence Levels in Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence
The Effect of Dehydration on Dental Autofluorescence for White-Spot Lesions and Natural Developmental Defects
Determination of QLF Cut-Offs for the Detection of Occlusal Dentin Lesions
Red and Green Fluorescence Emitted by Cultured Bacteria
Porphyrin Fluorescence of Plaque Microorganisms during Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence Analysis
Microbial Analysis of Dentine Samples from Occlusal Sites in Primary Teeth Examined by Infra-Red Laser Fluorescence
Characterisation of Natural Carious Lesions by Fluorescence Spectroscopy at 405 nm Excitation Wavelength
A New Laser Fluorescence Device for the Detection of Approximal Caries
Infra-Red Laser Fluorescence Cut-Off Values for Use with Sealed Teeth
A Clinical Evaluation of Infra-Red Laser Fluorescence
Detection of Artificial Surface and Subsurface Dental Caries Mineral Loss Using Laser Photothermal Radiometry
Detection of Interproximal Caries Using Frequency-Domain Infrared Photothermal Radiometry
Clinical Validation of Caries Detection Methodologies
Microbiological Analysis of Brown-Spot Lesions
Phenotyping of Strains of Mutans Streptococci by Intact Cell MALDI-TOF-MS after Chemo-Mechanical Caries Excavation
Distribution of Streptococcus mutans Genotypes in the Human Mouth
The Distribution of Streptococcus mutans and S. sobrinus and Their Serotypes in Handicapped Persons
Genetic Diversity of Mutans Streptococci in Caries-Active and Caries-Free Adults
Identification of Lactobacillus Species from Mexican Children with and without Caries
Acid Production by Human Strains of Mutans Streptococci and Actinomycetes in vitro and in situ
D- and L-Lactic Acid Production of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and L. casei Strains
So-Called Xylitol Resistance Is Associated with Partial Loss of Cariogenicity of Streptococcus mutans
Nanoscale Analysis of in vitro Pellicle Formation and Colonization of Streptococcus mutans on Enamel
Influence of Biosurfactant on Interaction Forces between S. sobrinus HG 1025 and Enamel Measured by AFM
Comparison of pH Response between Child and Adult Dental Plaque
Mutans Streptococci and Lactobacilli in Dental Biofilm Formed in situ in the Presence of Sucrose or Glucose + Fructose
Extracellular Proteome Analysis of Dental Biofilm Formed in situ in the Presence of Sucrose
Effect of Starch on the Cariogenic Potential of Sucrose
In vitro Antibacterial Activity of Yogurt against Oral Streptococci
Effects of Fluoride and Chlorhexidine on Lactate Dehydrogenase Expression in Streptococcus mutans Biofilms
Effect of 5 and 20 ppm Fluoride on Microbial Populations of Dental Plaque Microcosm Biofilms
Influence of a Novel Propolis on Mutans Streptococci Biofilms and on Its Virulence
Antimicrobial Activity of Compounds Isolated from Mikania laevigata and M. glomerata on Oral Pathogens
Standard Fluoride Analytical Methods Development
Fluoride Concentration in Toothpastes Sold in a Tropical Area of Brazil
Fluoride Intake from Dentifrice and Different Constituents of the Diet by 2- to 3-Year-Old Children
Biological Rhythm for the Plasma Fluoride Concentration in Humans
Fasting Plasma Fluoride Concentration as a Biomarker of the Fluoride Burden in Human Bone
Urinary Fluoride Excretion in 4- to 6-Year-Old Children in Sogamoso, Colombia
An Electron Microscope Study of the in situ Interaction between CaF2-Like Precipitates and Dental Enamel Surfaces
Influence of Chlorhexidine on Fluoride Uptake by Sound Enamel
Quantitative Architecture of Natural Plaque Biofilms
Plaque Fluid and Salivary Fluoride One Hour after a Ca Pre-Rinse/NaF Rinse
Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphorus in the Fluid of Dental Biofilm Formed in the Presence of Sucrose
Effect of Fluoride Dentifrice on Plaque Fluoride Concentration in Three Communities with Different Water Fluoride Concentrations
Effect of Fluoride Slow-Release Devices on Salivary and Plaque Concentrations of Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphorus
Effect of pH on Fluoride Release from Slow-Release Fluoride Devices in vitro
Effect of Different Surface Treatments on Fluoride Release from Two Different Fluoride-Releasing Restorative Materials
The Contribution of Fluoride ‘Recharging’ of Glass Ionomer Cement to Fluoride in and on Adjacent Enamel
Enamel Dental Caries Subjected to Different Topical Fluoride Treatments in situ
Measuring the Caries Process over Time
Using Ultrasound Transmission Velocity to Analyze Demineralization of Tooth Substrate
Effect of Gap Size on Secondary Caries Development Using a New in vitro Gap-Model Stage
Evaluation of Dentin Remineralization in vitro
In vitro Validation of Methodology to Assess the Effectiveness of Fluoridated Dentifrices on Demineralization
The Effect of a No-Added-Sugar Drink on Enamel Microhardness in situ
Protective Effect of Polylysine-Biphosphonate against Softening of Irradiated Enamel in situ
Acid Resistance of Enamel Lesions by Sugar-Free Chewing Gum Containing Tea Extracts
Caries Preventive Potential of an Adhesive Patch for Proximal Sealing
Preventive Effect of 1% Chlorhexidine Gel on Secondary Caries Development in vitro
The Effect of Treatment Order on Secondary Caries Progression in vitro
Anti-Cariogenic Effect of Dentifrices Supplemented with Calcium and Phosphate and Low Fluoride Concentration
In vitro Evaluation of Toothpaste with Low Fluoride Content and Low pH
Comparison of Remineralization Efficacies of Amine Fluoride Solution and Fluoride Varnish in situ
The Mineralisation of White-Spot and Fluorotic Lesions of Enamel by Casein Phosphopeptide-Stabilized Amorphous Calcium (Fluoride) Phosphate
Effects of Phosphoryl Oligosaccharide Calcium on Enamel Remineralization as Measured by Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence
Comparative in vitro Remineralization by Three Kinds of Remineralising Gum
In vivo Remineralization Effect of Three Kinds of Chewing Gums on Demineralized Enamel
Complete versus Partial Caries Removal in Unrestored Teeth
Effect of Different Lining Materials on Carious Dentin
A Pilot Study Assessing Caries Removal by Undergraduate Dental Students
Selective Removal of Carious Enamel Fissures Using Bioactive-Glass Air-Abrasion
Selective Caries Removal by a Fluorescence-Feedback-Controlled Er
Assessment of Complete Caries Removal by Laser Fluorescence in vivo
The Effect of Sealing Approximal Lesions after 18 Months Evaluated by Traditional and Subtraction Radiography
Clinical Performance of Glass Ionomer Cement and Resin-Based Materials as Occlusal Sealants. A 4-Year Longitudinal Study
Two-Year Clinical Evaluation of Fissure Sealants by Quantiative Laser Flurescence
Clinical Evaluation of a 4,000-ppm F Gel
Clinical Evaluation of a 4,000-ppm F Gel
The Influence of a Novel Propolis on Caries Development in Rats
Antibacterial Effects of Solutions of Propolis, Chlorhexidine and Their Combinations on Saliva Microorganisms
Daily Use of Dentifrice with and without Xylitol and Fluoride
Use of Xylitol-Containing Chewing Gum and Salivary Mutans Streptococci Concentrations
Clinical Evaluation of an Antimicrobial Varnish in Prevention of Fissure Caries in Brazilian Schoolchildren. A 2-Year Longitudinal Study
Evaluation of Root Surface Remineralization by Quantitative Laser Fluorescence in vivo
Antimicrobial Effects of Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching Gel in Non-Cavitated Fissure Caries Lesions
The Effect of Copper on Mineral Loss of Enamel under Cariogenic Conditions
Coping with Inter-Tooth and Intra-Tooth Variance
Validation of a Dental Sterilization Dose Using Gamma Radiation and Its Effect on Enamel Microhardness
Suitability of Bovine Root Dentin for Studies on Permeability of Erosion Lesions
Mineral Concentration of Enamel Using X-Ray Microtomography
A Comparison of Three Methods for Assessing Erosive Potential of Acidic Drinks in vitro
Accurate Measurement of Erosion-Like Lesions in vitro Using White Light Interferometry
A Comparative Study of Dissolution of Dental Enamel and Compressed Hydroxyapatite in Citric Acid Solutions
The Effect of Temperature on Enamel Erosion and Softening
Erosion of the Surface Layer of Caries Lesions with Hydrochloric and Phosphoric Acid Gels
Influence of Acidic Gels on the Mineral Content of Initial Enamel Lesions
Effect of a Casein/Calcium Phosphate Cream and Fluoride on Enamel Erosion in vitro
Brushing Abrasion of Eroded Bovine Enamel Pre-Treated with Topical Fluorides
An in vitro Study on the Effect of Titanium Fluoride Pre-Treatment of Enamel against Acid Attack
The Protective Effect of TiF4, SnF2 and NaF against Erosion-Like Lesions in Pellicle-Covered Enamel
In vitro Remineralization of Eroded Root Dentin by Saliva Substitutes
Effects of Peroxide Bleaching on Human Enamel Erosion Susceptibility
Microhardness Evaluation of Bleaching Agents with Different Composition on Early Caries Lesions