2014 Linda Crane Lecture More than “White Hats”—Making the Case for Physical Therapy's Value Proposition

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Members of the physical therapy profession have had a long-standing reputation as the “white hats” in health care. Our message has intuitive appeal--we deliver recovery, restoration, and re-engagement when disease and injury threaten to steal people's health and well-being. The socioeconomic and political forces that resulted in health care reform are forcing us to support these claims of value added with meaningful data about the quality and costs of our services. Demonstration of value requires us to address the challenges inherent in outcomes measurement and financial analysis of operations. However, we cannot depend on this work alone to convert stakeholders to our cause. This lecture proposes that skilled negotiation around a meaningful value proposition is required to persuade patients, employers, payers, and policy makers that physical therapy can transform society in cost-effective, relevant ways.

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