Malnutrition and Dental Caries : A Review of the Literature
A Mouse Caries Model and Evaluation of Aqp5−/− Knockout Mice
Outcomes of a Non-Operative Caries Treatment Programme for Children and Adolescents
Effects of Sucking Acidic Candy on Whole-Mouth Saliva Composition
The Association of Acidic Reflux above the Upper Oesophageal Sphincter with Palatal Tooth Wear
Cariogenicity of the Probiotic Bacterium Lactobacillus salivarius in Rats
The Persistence of Streptococcus mutans in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients after Radiotherapy
Clinical Effectiveness of Laser Fluorescence, Visual Inspection and Radiography in the Detection of Occlusal Caries
Evaluation of Selective Caries Removal by a Fluorescence Feedback-Controlled Er:YAG Laser in vitro
Fluoride Concentrations in Enamel and Dentin of Primary Teeth after Pre- and Postnatal Fluoride Exposure
Effect of Fluoride-Releasing Filling Materials on Underlying Dentinal Lesions in vitro
Fluoride Dose Response in pH-Cycling Models Using Bovine Enamel
Synergistic Inhibition by Combination of Fluoride and Xylitol on Glycolysis by Mutans Streptococciand Its Biochemical Mechanism
Approximal Caries Development in Adolescents with Low to Moderate Caries Risk after Different 3-Year School-Based Supervised Fluoride Mouth Rinsing Programmes
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