Assessment of the Ozone-Mediated Killing of Bacteria in Infected Dentine Associated with Non-Cavitated Occlusal Carious Lesions
The Antibacterial Activity of Plant Extracts Containing Polyphenols against Streptococcus mutans
Effect of a Fluoridated Food Item on Enamel in situ
Assessment of Autofluorescence to Detect the Remineralization Capabilities of Sodium Fluoride, Monofluorophosphate and Non-Fluoride Dentifrices
Low-Fluoride Dentifrices with Reduced pH : Fluoride Concentration in Whole Saliva and Bioavailability
A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Fluoride Varnish as a Public Health Measure to Reduce Caries in Children
Effect of Addition of Citric Acid and Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate to a Sugar-Free Chewing Gum on Enamel Remineralization in situ
Noninvasive Control of Dental Caries in Children with Active Initial Lesions
Prevalence of Approximal Caries in Posterior Teeth in 15-Year-Old Swedish Teenagers in Relation to Their Caries Experience at 3 Years of Age
Approximal Secondary Caries Lesion Progression, a 20-Week in situ Study
Temporal Relationship between Sucrose-Associated Changes in Dental Biofilm Composition and Enamel Demineralization
Microbiota of Plaque Microcosm Biofilms : Effect of Three Times Daily Sucrose Pulses in Different Simulated Oral Environments
The Effect of Saliva Derived from Different Individuals on the Erosion of Enamel and Dentine : A Study in vitro
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